Jenna Ortega Leaves Iconic Role, Series Officially Abandoned

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Jenna Ortega in Wednesday

Credit: Netflix

Actress Jenna Ortega has seen a significant rise in her Hollywood stardom, and it won’t be long before she has to make some tough decisions.

The Disney Channel served as a crucial launchpad for Jenna Marie Ortega, providing her with the opportunity to showcase her acting prowess and garner recognition in the industry. However, the defining moment in her career materialized with her role as Tara Carpenter in the Scream franchise. The 2022 installment of Scream, renowned for its suspenseful storytelling and the iconic Ghostface character, allowed Jenna to flex her dramatic range and navigate the intricacies of horror.

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) looking sad in the Addams family car
Credit: Netflix

In embodying Tara, Jenna injected a fresh and compelling energy into the franchise, earning accolades from both fans and critics. She would go on to play the role again in Scream VI (2023).

The success of Scream marked a turning point, propelling Jenna into the limelight and showcasing her ability to command attention in high-profile projects. Yet, this was just the beginning of Jenna’s journey toward becoming a prominent figure in the industry.

Following the triumph of Scream, Jenna embraced the challenge of portraying Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday. The series, crafted by the visionary Tim Burton, takes a comedic and dramatic look at Wednesday’s formative years at Nevermore Academy. Jenna’s rendition of Wednesday demonstrated not only her comedic timing and mastery of dark humor but also her knack for breathing new life into beloved characters. Netflix’s Wednesday not only appealed to fans of the Addams Family franchise but also attracted a new audience captivated by Jenna’s magnetic on-screen presence. The series quickly became a hit, solidifying Jenna’s status as a versatile actress capable of seamlessly transitioning between genres.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams
Credit: Netflix

As she saw success with Netflix’s Wednesday, Jenna Ortega was pegged to play the role of Lydia’s daughter in Beetlejuice 2, working again with Tim Burton. As Burton’s iconic stories have brought her to an even more prominent role in Hollywood, many fans are beginning to compare Ortega to Johnny Depp, who also saw his career take off– 30 years earlier– in the same fashion, starring in several hits alongside Burton before ultimately playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Just as Johnny Depp eventually had to make tough decisions and turn down roles, it seems that Jenna Ortega may have to do the same thing, at least to a certain extent.

Ortega is currently finishing up filming on Beetlejuice 2. Once filming wraps on the project, she’ll be in Ireland this coming spring, where she is set to portray the role of Wednesday Addams yet again for Wednesday Season 2. Though there has been some speculation about what might happen in Season 2 and what cast members might return, there has been no question that Ortega would be back in the iconic role.

Jenna Ortega hanging on for her life in 'Scream VI'
Credit: Radio Silence Productions / Paramount Pictures

However, these two projects– as well as others that could be on the docket for her in 2024– will present a tough decision for her moving forward, particularly with Paramount’s Scream franchise.

“Rumors are circulating that Ortega’s involvement in the film might be limited due to scheduling conflicts. The ongoing strike in the entertainment industry has already impacted numerous productions, and Ortega’s projects are no exception,” reports from Wiki of Nerds shared.

The report goes on to share that the original plan for Scream VII was to begin filming in March of 2024. That is not going to go over well if the franchise hopes to have Jenna Ortega reprise her role in the series, as she will reportedly be just starting filming for Netflix’s project then. As a matter of fact, the reports of Wednesday‘s filming commencing this spring all but confirm that she’ll be abandoning the Scream series for several months and leaving that iconic role behind unless there are concessions made around her schedule.

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) snapping her fingers
Credit: Netflix

This, ultimately, means that Scream will either be pushed back and delayed to make way for Ortega, or the studio could elect to move forward without her or only showcase her in a limited role. Right now, we don’t have an answer on what exactly will happen, but there are certainly some interesting storylines to watch surrounding Jenna Ortega’s schedule and decisions moving forward.

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