Disneyland Guests Banned After Drinking Illegally

in Disneyland Resort

A green and a blue drink, both garnished with fruit, on a table at Lamplight Lounge in Disney California Adventure Park.

Credit: Disney

Drinking at Disneyland Resort is so engrained in Disney Park culture that it’s hard to believe it was once taboo. Dining locations like Lamplight Lounge, Carthay Circle, Oga’s Cantina, River Belle Terrace, and The Blue Bayou Restaurant offer beer, wine, and themed liquor-based cocktails for guests over 21. Many rotate seasonally, like limited-time offerings at Disney California Adventure Park’s Food & Wine Festival.

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As popular as adult beverages are, Disneyland Resort strictly enforces its alcohol policy. United States residents must show a valid, unexpired government identification card, driver’s license, or passport to prove they’re over 21. International guests must show a passport; non-United States government identification and licenses aren’t accepted. Even for guests far over 21, Disneyland Resort reserves the right to refuse service without valid proof of age.

This week, two Disney California Adventure Park guests learned a harsh lesson after trying to drink with an expired driver’s license. One of the guests spoke out on social media.

Disney California Adventure entrance at night during Halloween time at Disneyland Resort with Oogie Boogie decorations announcing the Oogie Boogie Bash
Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

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“I was just at Disney California Adventure my friend bought us some drinks,” Reddit user u/Ok_Eye_1763 began. “He’s been my friend for years so he obviously knows my age I’m 28. I was sitting to save our spots (busy night tonight) right in front of a security guard.”

“Both him and I weren’t trying to be sneaky of any type of form,” they continued. “We were actually trying to drink our drinks there not trying to get away. He comes with both drinks I take one sip and the security comes and asks for id I show them mine and they say nope this is expired you can’t drink.”

The guest tried to show a temporary identification card alongside their expired driver’s license, but it wasn’t enough to adhere to the alcohol policy.

Guests drinking and eating at the Rose and Crown at World Showcase's United Kingdom Pavilion
Credit: Disney

“They just keep saying no we’re calling head of security to escort you out,” they wrote. “They take pictures of both our ids and key passes. The security says that we will be banned for a couple of months and that we have to exit the park for the remainder of the night.”

The Magic Key holder claimed they were previously unaware of the strict identification policy and hoped Disneyland Resort would revoke their ban.

“I understand that they have a strict policy (now prior to this I didn’t know) but I didn’t think any of it because days before I had been to the bar no problems,” the guest argued. “My poor friend didn’t even know my id was expired now I’m afraid that we will get banned for the year.”

Two Guests at Disney World drinking wine in the France Pavilion at EPCOT during the international food & wine festival.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

“Once I get my renewed license (hopefully soon I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks now) can I ask if I can present it to confirm I’m not underage drinking will they accept that?” they asked. “Or at least to clear my friend I would feel horrible if he gets his pass revoked. I know I should’ve thought about this but I honestly wasn’t trying to violate rules.”

Responses were mixed, but most Disney Parks fans agreed it was worth appealing the ban.

“[Cast Member] here,” u/Obvious_Noise replied. “Reach out to guest relations, it is possible to appeal this, explain the situation to them and they’ll guide you through the process…Approach it apologetically and remorsefully and it goes a lot further than not.”

Disneyland Resort didn’t comment publicly on the ban.

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