Terrorist Attack Stopped Near Disneyland, Woman Prepared to “Blow Herself Up”

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Guests walk down Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Paris.

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The Disney parks are meant to be a safe place where kids can explore their imaginations and jump into the cinematic universes that they love and cherish, and for adults to forget their responsibilities and stressors for just a moment and become a kid again. The theme parks prides themselves on safety, ensuring that guests are always protected; that being said, today’s current climate means that guests must also be aware of what is going on in the surrounding areas of the theme park.

Security at Disney World
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As we mentioned, guests are always being protected at the Disney parks. If you are going to Walt Disney World Resort, you are not entering EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios without going through security. That means before you see Cinderella Castle, ride Haunted Mansion, meet Mickey Mouse, eat a Mickey pretzel, or build your very own Lightsaber, you must go through security.

There are top-of-the-line metal detectors at the gates of each park, as well as Disney Springs. Anyone who has a piece of metal that is deemed as potentially harmful will have to go to a separate line to have their bag checked. In the past, this procedure has caught guests forgetting that their gun and firearm was still in their bag. In these cases, once Disney is able to confirm that the gun is registered to the guest, the guest is able to place the gun back in their vehicle, and return to the park.

disney security
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Security is getting stronger and more picky with guests, even when it comes to filming equipment. Most recently, one guest was turned away from the Magic Kingdom due to having podcast material with him, specifically, two microphones. While this would not endanger any guests, it can go against their rules of filming or recording commercially in the parks. This was a rule that we have not seen Disney take too seriously, but after multiple content creators have been pushing the boundaries, Disney’s security is laying down their magical law a lot more.

All of this is to say it is very tough to get away with anything at Disney World, and by extension, any of the Disney parks in general.

Unfortunately, things can happen in the Disney parks vicinity which can endanger guests traveling in, or staying on the outskirts of the Disney bubble.

Just yesterday, we reported that a mass shooting took place near Disney World, in Tampa, the neighboring town. Eighteen people were reported injured while two were shot. These scary moments in humanity have been taking place worldwide, and today, Paris was nearly struck by a terrorist attack, near Disneyland Paris.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in the end of Main Street, U.S.A, at Disneyland Paris
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When Disneyland Paris guests are looking to either visit the main park or Walt Disney Studios Park, the main way to get there is the Metro. The Metro system is basically a subway or “monorail” system that takes people across Paris. Disneyland Paris is located quite a ways away from the center of Paris, which is where most guests stay, so unless you are staying at Disney Newport Bay Club, Disney Hotel New York – Art of Marvel, Disneyland Hotel, Disney Hotel Santa Fe, or any of the other surrounding Disneyland Paris hotels, you are going to be taking that Metro in and out for the day.

At the moment, Disneyland Paris has been undergoing quite a bit of change, as well as some criticism. For one, Walt Disney Studios Park is going to be closing Studio 1, the main entrance to the park for a full year. This means that a majority of the quick service locations and merchandise shops will be closed for a year. Disney has actually told guests that it would be best to leave the park if they have “small budgets” during this time.

Crowding has been a larger issue the past year, and signage was erected during the summer noting that guests should stay away during the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. if they want to avoid crowds.

Rainy Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris
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On top of this, Disney hotel rooms have been highly criticized for having broken AC units, broken beds, filth, mold, and bed bugs. Disneyland Paris has also removed their iconic Partners Statue at Walt Disney Studios Park. 

With the ongoing political climate in the world, many have been on edge as the Israel and Palestine governments have been at war with one another.

Today, on the Metro, again, the prime mode for transportation to Disneyland Paris, a woman was threatening to blow herself up, and screaming, “you’re all going to die”. This was considered a possible terrorist attack by the authorities, who quickly got involved. This happened at the Bibliotheque Francois Mitterand station.

Guests walk down Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Paris.
Credit: Disneyland Paris

The Deccan Herald reported, “Police shot and critically wounded a hijab-wearing woman in a Paris metro station on Tuesday morning, local media said, after commuters reported her behaving in a threatening manner.”

She had threatened fellow passengers on an RER train by yelling out, “You are all going to die”, and had also yelled out, “Allahu Akbar”, said Paris police chief Laurent Nunez. The Metro station was then evacuated.

While the woman was threatening to have explosives, it was discovered that she did not have any on her. That being said, police did not know this and shot the woman in the stomach as she refused to cooperate. The woman was then brought to a local hospital.

Credit: @Disneylandpbp

While this did not happen at Disneyland Paris, it did happen on the main mode of transportation to get to the theme parks, which may be highly worrying for locals and tourists staying in the area. Thankfully, the terrorist attack was not escalated in any way.

The publication wrote, “Broadcaster BFM TV and daily newspaper Le Parisien earlier cited police sources as saying the woman’s behavior indicated a possible Islamist “terrorist” motivation.”

Are you planning on visiting Disneyland Paris in 2024?

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