Magic Key Holder Curses Disneyland for Poor Treatment, Demands Refund

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Left: A female disneyland magic key holder in a fuzzy coat and pink sunglasses in a screenshot from a TikTok video. Right: Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland on a blue-sky day.

Credit: @lovely_evieann via TikTok / Disney

One Disneyland Magic Key holder didn’t hold back after a frustrating visit to the Southern California Disney park last week.

Disneyland Resort offers four Magic Key Passes, which provide year-round visits to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park (with some blackout dates). They include the Inspire Key ($1,649), Believe Key ($1,249), Enchant Key ($849), and Imagine Key ($499, for Southern California residents only). All Annual Pass sales are currently frozen and only available for renewal.

Magic Key Pass holder Evieann (@lovely_evieann) recently vented about confusing Park Pass and Park hopping rules in a TikTok video:


LIKE WTF AM I PAYING FOR?! This burrito is slapping tho …… #disneyland

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According to the Magic Key holder, Disneyland Resort allowed her to make reservations for a restaurant in Disneyland Park despite having a reservation at Disney California Adventure Park—additionally, the 11 a.m. Park Hopping rule prevented her from making the dining reservation on time.

“Disney, I have a bone to pick with you f**king b***ches,” Evieann began. “Tell me why we come here, we make reservations for [Carnation Cafe]… First of all, don’t let me make reservations for the cafe if I don’t start at that park… Let’s get that system rechecked.”

“Second of all, we’re paying almost two grand for these passes, and y’all don’t have the courtesy to let us Park Hop anytime we want?” she said. “…Why does it matter? I don’t understand it.”

A girl riding Silly Symphony Swings at California Adventure
Credit: Disney

“So now, we missed our reservations, and we still have to go back to them so we can get our refund because they’re going to charge us $10 a person,” Evieann continued. “I could’ve used that for the food.”

The guest had a burrito from Joeffry’s at Disney California Adventure Park instead.

“It’s delicious,” she concluded. “But you know what would’ve been more delicious? Carnation Cafe, my Mickey pancakes, and my waffles.”

Commenters agreed with Evieann.

Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure before a storm hits
Credit: rikioscamera / Flickr

“I dont mind the reservations because of crowd control but yeeeees on the park hopping at any time!” Magic Key holder @jeesssrodrigz wrote. “… We’re paying more and getting less.”

“I miss the old days where you can just go back and forth,” @inkedagenteleni agreed.

“If we paying thousands of dollars we should at least be able to go whenever,” Evieann replied.

But others argued it was the Magic Key holder’s responsibility to make Park Pass reservations.

Disney California Adventure entrance at night during Halloween time at Disneyland Resort with Oogie Boogie decorations announcing the Oogie Boogie Bash
Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

“Girl just pick the park you wanted and problem solved,” @myfoodswings wrote.

But Evieann stood firm.

“Wasn’t the point at all,” she said.

This isn’t the first public complaint about Park Pass reservations. Weeks ago, a judge approved a class-action lawsuit settlement for former Dream Key holders who sued Disneyland Resort over misleading marketing about blackout dates and Disney Park Pass availability. Following guest complaints, the Park reservation system will retire next year.

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