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Left: A female disneyland magic key holder in a fuzzy coat and pink sunglasses in a screenshot from a TikTok video. Right: Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland on a blue-sky day.

Credit: @lovely_evieann via TikTok / Disney


  1. Annabelle

    What a whiny little entitled b*tch. If you’re a magic key holder, you know the rules. You know what park you picked, you know when you can park hop, and you know when to make your reservation for. If you’re too lazy to pay attention to that, it’s on you. Nothing has changed in the past 2 years that it comes as a surprise when you have to stay in your chosen park before 11am.

    It even says that on your reservation confirmation screen.

    1. Robert

      There are SO many better places to eat right across the street, it’s insane people still pay for 3rd rate, Chapek-inspired, low quality, grossly overpriced Disney food.

  2. Robert

    Disney doesn’t give a flying flick about us Magic Key holders. That said, we eat before or after Disneyland now – or across the street at Tony Roma’s. Been to Disney Cali more than 50 times this year, and haven’t spent a cent other than for our Magic Keys.

    Tatted down gross cast members with bad attitudes are everywhere in Disneyland and DCA now. They’re hiring Walmart rejects it seems.

  3. Robert

    I never even noticed that, but heard of it long ago. I went to the parks one morning instead of late night, and they said “You have to go in the other park first, until 11am” to which I said “Oh okay, I forgot all about that.” And that was it. Disney’s horrible to Magic Key holders, but she’s a whiny oinklet.

    1. Get a life! If you don’t like the product don’t buying!!!! Oink out on that !

  4. lovesdisney

    I don’t have a bad thing to say about the food, the Cast Members, the reservations, or the Parks.I have been enjoying the magic for 31 years. There have been many changes Disney however is still working around the clock to provide the magic we seek.

  5. Paul W

    My visits to the park have always been very enjoyable, much of that due to my doing my research before I go! It’s not a burden for me, I actually find it fun to visit the site all the time and read about the magic. Plus, if you are on any Disney social media groups, you will see plenty of posts from real life park goers with the best tips and tricks for making the best of your day and how best to get around issues. I really love watching a select few of thousands of YouTube videos from people who still enjoy themselves while there.

  6. Ty

    Entitled and airheaded much? Although we don’t like the reservation system she knew damn well where she needed to be. She did this for attention.

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