Disney Hate-Baits Fans to Promote New Movie

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King Magnifico casting evil magic in a library

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A lot has been said about Disney’s Wish (2023), and the fanbase is truly divided. However, could this all be part of a clever marketing campaign to get fans into theaters? Disney has done it before.

Photo from Disney's 'Wish'.
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Directed by Chris Buck and starring Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, and Alan Tudyk, Wish has been billed as a return to form for the studio. Utilizing a watercolor-inspired art style, a classic fantasy setting, a talking animal sidekick, and an over-the-top villain, it certainly sounds like the Disney animated features we all know and love.

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That being said, much criticism has been heaped on the film’s villain. Voiced by Chris Pine, King Magnifico is essentially Gaston if he went from hunter to wizard, and his musical number has been met with some somewhat mixed reviews. However, could this be a creative choice by Disney?

Could Disney Be Secretly Granting Our Wish?

“This is the Thanks I Get” is one of the first leaked songs off the film’s soundtrack, and it has been absolutely blasted on social media. While some accuse it of being created by AI, others think the new songwriters are just trying to copy the success of Lin-Manuel Miranda after the success of Moana (2016).

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With the use of Latin strings and percussion in its composition paired with the syncopated rhythms of its lyrics, it undoubtedly sounds like the music team took a few pages from Miranda’s playbook. It can be so easy to jump on the bandwagon, but the song features one little detail that might give away the big reveal.


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♬ This Is The Thanks I Get?! – From “Wish” – Chris Pine & Disney

@checkmatedlincolnite on TikTok is one of the many fans that have pointed out the drastic shift in tone and direction the song seems to take, as if King Magnifico’s mask is slipping and we see the true monster underneath. At face value, this might be overlooked, but Disney has pulled this exact same stunt before. 
Although King Magnifco’s big number is getting wrecked on socials, he’s only acting in accordance to his classic villain nature. Gaston, Doctor Facilier, and even the oh-so-praised Judge Frollo all fit the pattern of beginning their songs slow to savor the moment before letting their villainous sides free for an absolute show stopper.
King Magnifico in Wish trailer
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It’s reasonable to believe that this might not even be the entirety of the song, since the studio has only fed audiences minimum details before. In this writer’s opinion, the song’s current state is only part of the equation and the bad publicity is a marketing tactic to garner media buzz.
At the end of the day, it’s hard to make a fair assessment of the film or its soundtrack before Wish officially debuts. Fans can find out for themselves after the film premiers November 22, 2023.
Is Disney just teasing us with an unfinished song? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!



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