Disney Battles AI Accusations After ‘Wish’ Reveal

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Asha (Ariana Debose) with her friends in shock.

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Wish (2023) has quickly become one of the most anticipated projects from the Walt Disney Company to one of the most criticized. After much groaning and eye-rolls from viewers after the new villain’s song reveal, the studio has been suspected of AI developing the film.

Asha and her goat in Wish
Credit: Disney

Disney’s latest film has been marketed as a return to the traditional Disney formula. It has an adorkable princess character (played by Ariana Debose), an animal sidekick, and a villain that can go from benevolent to unhinged at the drop of a hat, all coming together for a magical fairytale fantasy. Before fans can flock to the theaters to cheer Asha on as she embarks on her quest to defeat King Magnifico, Disney has to contend with some severe accusations.

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Viewers have been criticizing the lyrics of “This is the Thanks I Get,” sung by Chris Pine as King Magnifico, mainly because it pales in comparison to other Disney villain songs. However, many are accusing Disney of using AI to force the music to fit the mold of what’s currently popular in the musical scene, resulting in something of a knock-off Lin-Manuel Miranda tune.


Has Disney just given up. It’s no secret that a few of the most recent Disney animated films have been a bit … Cookie cutter. They found their winning formula with Frozen and have used it ever since. Apparently though they’re not content with resting on their laurels and simply churning out hit after hit. Their latest song release from the upcoming wish, featuring Chris Pine’s King Magnifico, has fans outraged that it’s possibly an ai/ Lin Manuel Miranda abomination. Has Disney given up on original work or is it simply a bad song? #wish #frozen #disneyanimation #pixar #moana #linmanuelmiranda

♬ Sunshine – Tsundere Twintails

WARNING: Video contains explicit language!

The Sure Look Listen Podcast goes into explicit detail as to why Wish is getting torn to pieces, and the evidence is certainly stacking against it. With what viewers are suggesting, the problems run far deeper than just one bad lyric, and Disney will be looking at bigger problems than just another box office blunder.


People are upsewt with Disney because of the songs in their new movie Wish #foryou #wish #disney #hunchbackofnotredame

♬ This Wish – From “Wish” – Ariana DeBose & Disney

@noahglenncarter doubles down on the accusations by literally putting Wish’s animation and music side-by-side with another Disney classic to illustrate just how much the studio has dropped the ball. According to the footage above, viewers are displeased with the films direction, music, design, and even the color palette has been compared to just a representation of the corporate logo.

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Although it’s impossible to say that Disney is using AI to create its upcoming animated feature, more and more factors arise to suggest that it has an artificial or manufactured element.

King Magnifico casting evil magic in a library
Credit: Disney

We are barely 2 months past the end of the SAG/AFTRA strike and already one of the biggest names in the motion picture industry is being accused of everything the writers, actors, and filmmakers involved fought against. The subject of AI and tools like chat GPT being used creatively has been a hot-button issue for a long while now, and things will not look good for the house of mouse if there’s so much as a shred of truth to the accusations.

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Disney and Disney Animation Studios is celebrating 100 years of existence, and the company owes that to the imagination and creativity of artists, animators, voice actors, and everyone else that helped make characters like Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Nick Wilde, and others come to life on the big screen. AI can do a lot of things, but it can’t make magic.

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