Latest Reveal From Disney’s ‘Wish’ Confirms Its Villain Story

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King Magnifico in Wish trailer

Credit: Disney

Disney’s latest animated feature film, Wish, is already the subject of some controversy, but its villain may end up being its hero.

Promoting posting a blend of 2D and 3D animation styles, the film was originally expected to be a love letter to Disney’s animation and a culmination of the last 100 years of Disney animation. Unfortunately, it seems as though the film might not quite live up to its expectations, as reactions to the film’s trailer have been lackluster to straight-up disappointed.

Asha being surrounded by butterflies and purple light in Wish
Credit: Disney

However, Wish has been heavily praised for its apparent villain, King Magnifico. Voiced by Disney veteran, Chris Pine, who starred alongside Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement (2004), King Magnifico seems to be a return to Disney’s typical villain story.

In recent years, Disney has created villains that aren’t technically villains. These characters are often misunderstood friends or family members and often have a tragic backstory to explain their behavior and by the end of the film, the villain has been redeemed in some way.

Think of Abuela Madrigal from Encanto (2021). She’s been dealt a tragic hand, losing her husband early and dedicating her life to keep her family safe and healthy. She and Mirabel suffer from misunderstanding each other, resolving their differences in a heartfelt discussion at the end of the movie.

Mirabel (L) and Abuela Alma (R) in 'Encanto'
Credit: Disney

Or Elsa from Disney’s biggest animated film, Frozen (2013). While Hans is the true villain of the movie, the primary antagonism is between Elsa and Anna, as Elsa struggles to control her powers and lives in fear of hurting others. Rather than explain her situation to her sister, Elsa accidentally freezes the kingdom and runs to hide. The sisters reconnect and end the movie happily ruling the kingdom side by side.

Possibly the last true, evil Disney villain can be traced back to 2010’s Tangled and Mother Gothel. A woman who kidnapped baby Rapunzel, kept her and used her for her own purposes, and utilized criminals and thugs to try and steal her back. In theory, it’s been over a decade since Disney featured a true villain in one of their animated films.

Magnifico enchants Asha in Wish
Credit: Disney

King Magnifico seems to be a return to that type of classic Disney villain, and that idea is confirmed with the release of his “villain song.” “This Is the Thanks I Get?” already sounds pretty condescending before even listening to the lyrics.

The song does a great job of painting Magnifico as a vain but condescending character, as he sings, “I can’t help it, if mirrors love my face.” He continues, saying “peep the name, I’m magnificent” before demanding “someone praise me for my benevolence!” Magnifico also seems to use some guilt trip tactics, stating “I let you live here for free and don’t even charge you rent” before saying, “all I want is a little respect but this is the thanks I get?”

Pine has done a fantastic job of portraying Magnifico as charming but clearly dark, with heavy implication in his tone throughout the song to create a sense of wrongness and foreboding. It’s unclear exactly how things will play out between Asha (voiced by Ariana DuBose) and King Magnifico, but the villain song seems to prove that Disney is indeed returning to its classic villains by giving the movie an actual villain.

What do you think about the song? Does it make you more excited to see Wish when it’s released on November 22? Let us know in the comments!

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