‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Shuttered, Major Updates Given

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Stranger Things characters looking into the Upside Down

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The hit Netflix TV series Stranger Things has become one of the most popular series on streaming in the world, but it faces its fair share of problems looking toward its next and final season.

Stranger Things has emerged as a pop culture phenomenon since its debut on Netflix. Created by the Duffer Brothers, this nostalgic sci-fi horror series captures the essence of 80s cinema while delivering a unique and captivating story. The franchise has extended beyond just the original show, encompassing spin-offs, merchandise, video games, and even a dedicated fanbase.

Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) with surprised expression at school
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The heart of the Stranger Things franchise lies in its cast. The ensemble of young talent, led by Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp, quickly became fan favorites. Their chemistry and superb acting skills brought the story’s young protagonists to life. Millie Bobby Brown’s portrayal of Eleven, with her psychokinetic powers and troubled past, garnered her critical acclaim and propelled her to stardom.

The older cast members, including Winona Ryder and David Harbour, also made significant contributions to the series. Winona Ryder’s portrayal of Joyce Byers, a determined and loving mother searching for her missing son, provided a nostalgic nod to her own 80s film career. David Harbour’s Chief Jim Hopper added a complex, paternal figure to the mix, earning him accolades for his performance.

As the franchise expanded, it delved into the character development and backstories of these actors. This not only fleshed out the primary narrative but also added depth and emotional resonance to the series. The audience became more invested in the characters’ fates, making their struggles in the supernatural world of the Upside Down all the more intense.

Stranger Things Mike Wheeler and Eleven dating
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The success of Stranger Things led to various spin-offs and expanded universe projects. One such project was the book series, which delved into the untold stories of the Hawkins residents. The Stranger Things books, authored by various writers, gave fans an opportunity to explore the broader mythology of the series. As a matter of fact, there’s a prequel novel titled Flight of Icarus that is set to be released in just a matter of days and will give fans a glimpse into Eddie Munson’s story prior to Stranger Things 4.

The show also spawned video games. Stranger Things: The Game and Stranger Things 3: The Game were well-received for their pixel art style and the ability to explore the show’s world, solve puzzles, and engage with familiar characters. These games extended the franchise’s appeal to the gaming community. In addition, the franchise now has a prequel stage play that is set to debut later this year, titled Stranger Things: The First Shadow. The play is set in 1959 and is set to give fans all-new characters and a glimpse into the story prior to Will Byers’ disappearance in the first season of the show.

Millie Bobby Brown and FInn Wolfhard in Stranger Things
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With all the fanfare for the Netflix show, it should come as no surprise that fans are wondering when Stranger Things Season Five might be released. While it’s been confirmed that this will be the last season, the cast is set to return for one last hurrah before moving on to new things. However, it seems that season five is facing an uphill battle, and new updates have been shared.

Speaking of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes on Squawk Box with CNBC, reporter Matt Belloni shared that there will be “ramifications” from the ongoing Hollywood strikes for quite a while heading into next year. This will include projects like Deadpool 3 and Stranger Things Season Five.

“There’s almost no chance @Disney‘s #Deadpool3 is going to make its May date. @StrangerThings is not coming back when they thought it was going to,” says @mattbelloni. “We’re going to see the ramifications of this strike in content and on the bottom line go into next year.”

With Stranger Things seemingly shuttered for the time being and the idea that that, most likely, we’re not going to see its release at its originally expected date, fans are going to be met with several disappointments looking ahead to 2024. As the ongoing strikes continue, we can expect that there will be some significant delays, and releases could potentially become less sparse as we move through next year.

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