‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Reveals How Long the Series Will Run

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Rick and Morty is entering a new age, comprised of its upcoming seventh season and new actors taking on the roles of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Creator Dan Harmon has been divulging plenty of information about the longevity of the series and has now revealed how long the series will run.

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Credit: Adult Swim

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In 2018, Dan Harmon and his former partner, Justin Roiland, signed a new deal with Adult Swim. This deal would allow the series to remain on Adult Swim for 70 episodes, taking it through to its tenth season. The series is barely in its seventh, meaning there will be at least another three years left for the show to get through.

Though the future of the series was secured, things would eventually come crumbling down with the news that co-creator Justin Roiland was arrested. Initially, Roiland was charged with domestic battery and false imprisonment of a woman he had been dating. His arrest in 2020 instantly hit the news, and his career began to crash around him.

Rick and Morty, Koala Man, Squanch Games, and Solar Opposites let go of Roiland. Months after, Roiland would be absolved of his charges after the court for “insufficient’ evidence to charge him fully. Despite his X (formerly Twitter) post about his innocence, more scathing reports about his interactions with underage fans were revealed.

Dan Harmon took a long time to address all the controversy, though he did so recently. Rick and Morty producer Steve Levy also referred to the events as “the rug being pulled out from under them.” Despite losing Roiland, who voiced both characters, the series has banded together to create content for the foreseeable future.

This future is much longer than most people expect, as Dan Harmon has detailed how long he wants the show to run.

‘Rick and Morty’ Will Outpace Every Show

Credit: Adult Swim

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the excitement of the seventh season of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon addressed some of the biggest storylines the fan-favorite show is now facing. One of the biggest is that Harmon has been in talks with Warner Bros. to produce a full-length feature film.

Harmon stated:

“My philosophy would be to just take a Rick and Morty adventure, and spend a bunch of extra money on it and make it 90 minutes long. Not to try to earn its feature status by virtue of canonical dramatic tone shifts or anything like that, but rather to just make it a super badass episode of Rick and Morty.”

Most adult animated shows have gone this route, and it would make perfect sense for Dan Harmon to put something together that would further the already expansive lore in the current universe. Plus, the series could use the movie to explore some favorite topics like Evil Morty and Rick Prime.

Though the excitement for the movie is enough, Harmon has now revealed just how long he wants the series to run. Initially, he stated that he would love for Rick and Morty to emulate The Simpsons, which is currently in its 34 season. That would be a lofty goal, but Harmon wants even more.

According to The Hollywood Reporter about how long the series will run:

“If he [Harmon] has his way, Rick and Morty will run for 100 seasons. In fact, Harmon says, ‘it’s designed to.'”

No show in television history has run for 100 seasons, and The Simpsons is currently the longest-running at 34. Adult Swim does have a massive hit with Rick and Morty, and we imagine that fans would love to see it stay as the network’s #1 property.

The series is about to run its seventh season, and if the new season can impress like the previous six, we imagine getting to season ten will feel like 100. We honestly believe Harmon, especially with his statement that Rick and Morty can run for a long time.

Credit: Adult Swim

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We hope the new main characters carry the legends of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith into the future, which will begin when the seventh season premieres this Sunday, October 15.

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