‘King Kong’ Project Called “Worst of 2023”

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King Kong in Godzilla vs Kong

Credit: Warner Bros.

Legendary and Warner Bros. have teamed together to bring forth the MonsterVerse, a new franchise that places a new and fresh take on the most famous Kaiju: Godzilla and King Kong. The pair have had solo ventures and even fought one another. The infamous monsters have returned to pop culture in a big way, with many trying to capitalize on the popularity of the MonsterVerse. A new Kong project has been released attempting to capitalize on that popularity. While having nothing to do with the MonsterVerse, it also highlights a very rough-looking Kong, with fans calling it the “worst of 2023.”

Kong Skull Island
Credit: Warner Bros.

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King Kong appeared in his solo movie Kong: Skull Island (2017). This solo film showcased the mysterious land that the king of the apes called home. Despite being one of the more favored MonsterVerse ventures, the video game world wanted to jump on the train to showcase Kong. The Skull Island: Rise of Kong video game could have easily been a homerun effort, but fans are now ripping it apart.

Per @RickDaSquirrel


The above X user showcased a specific cutscene for the new game on their page. The above cutscene now only shows graphics that look like they belong on the PS2, which was released in 2000; Kong looks atrocious. What makes this more confusing is a respectable developer made this game.

Per @KongShots

“Gameplay” of Skull Island: Rise of Kong. This costs 40 dollars and is made by people that make low effort shovelware with big IP franchises. The modern LJN

This user decided to showcase some of the battles players can expect from King Kong in this Skull Island game, which is just as bad as the cutscene from the previous X user. We are unsure how and why this was released in such a state. It looks and plays terribly. “Low-effort shovelware” might be the understatement of the year.

Per @RickDaSquirrel

I take back every bad thing I said about Godzilla PS4. @GameMillEnt King Kong deserves better than whatever this is supposed to be.

RickDaSquirrel posted a lot of video content about this new game, and they all have the same quality. The creatures in the above instance are floating above the ground. They decided to tag developer GameMill Entertainment to get some answers; we certainly do not blame them.

On top of the ridiculously terrible graphics is King Kong himself, which looks dated. The above X user decided to offer a screenshot of the faces that the character is making in this new game. As you can see, this is nowhere near how Kong has looked in his most recent iterations. Quite frankly, Kong has never looked this terrible.

Per @davidk1234567

Looks like something out of Beast Wars

Beast Wars is a good comparison. The issue is that the Transformers spinoff was released in 1996. We are in 2023, and no game should look like the King Kong game does. GameMill Entertainment is also charging $40 for this game, which looks like it should be on sale for $15.

The MonsterVerse has been releasing movies and is set to release the first Godzilla TV series soon. Most of the films have been released to much fanfare. Legendary and Warner Bros. have nothing to do with this Skull Island: Rise of Kong video game, which is great news. Though there have been some duds this year, fans are already calling this new game “the worst of 2023.”

Credit: Legendary Pictures

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We don’t believe that this new game will damage MonsterVerse’s reputation. However, we hope that most fans will not associate Skull Island: Rise of Kong with any of the fantastic films that MonsterVerse has already produced and will be releasing.

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