First-Ever ‘Godzilla’ Series Shows a World on Fire in Tense Trailer

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new look at godzilla in monarch series

Credit: AppleTV+

The MonsterVerse is ramping up with its first-ever series covering the King of Monsters. Legendary dropped its first look at the new Godzilla x Kong sequel, and now AppleTV+ has unleashed the official trailer for the new show, which shows the world on fire.

godzilla roaring in new series
Credit: AppleTV

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The MonsterVerse has brought a new appreciation for Godzilla, as the first film in 2014 broke down the doors with a successful reboot. Though Legendary and Warner Bros. have teamed up for this MonsterVerse, Godzilla originators Toho are also releasing another film.

The 2014 film was followed by a solo King Kong film, leading to an epic showdown between the two fan-favorite monsters. Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) was a monster hit (pun intended), allowing for more of the MonsterVerse to be explored, especially the evil company known as Monarch.

Monarch has been featured in most of the new properties, with this new series focusing more on how the company has been involved in unleashing such ferocious beasts on the planet. The Godzilla vs. Kong film showcased how the company used its influence and technology to attempt to control these monsters, essentially making the King of Monsters a fierce enemy.

The Monarch: Legacy of Monsters series will showcase the opposite, as the new series will follow two families and their secrets regarding the secretive company. Though it had not been established if Godzilla would take center stage as much, the official trailer showcases the new take on the world’s most famous Kaiju.

‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Series Showcases a New Take on Godzilla

The above trailer goes deeper into the mysteries of Monarch as Anna Sawai’s Cate Randa begins to unlock clues about her father’s disappearance. She seems to seek out Kurt Russell’s Lee Shaw, who has inside information about Monarch’s involvement with these massive beats.

Russell will also be joined by his son, Wyatt Russell, who plays a much younger version of Shaw. This tense trailer is far more exciting because we finally see some new monsters showcased in the MonsterVerse. Though we know Godzilla has battled Ghidorah and King Kong, there seem to be far more giant threats in this new series, which are wreaking havoc on the planet.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is also a direct sequel to the 2014 Godzilla film, and that is evident in what is shown in the trailer. John Goodman’s return as Bill Randa might also showcase how the new series connects to Kong: Skull Island, as he seems to be running from some threats on the island showcased in that film.

This is the first-ever series showcasing the King of Monsters, and it looks incredible. We were concerned that capturing Godzilla on the small screen would be difficult, though AppleTV+ has done that quite well.

Even more interesting about this new series is that it appears we will get to see the giant radioactive dinosaur become Earth’s greatest ally. Russell’s character speaks about needing help from the world on being fire as the behemoth emerges from the sand. We can assume that he has been asleep for many years and must now appear to take on whatever giant beasts threaten his crown.

Credit: Legendary Pictures

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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will begin streaming on AppleTV+ on November 17.

What do you think of this new Godzilla series? Do you think it will hold up to the other MonsterVerse properties? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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