Disney Parks Impacted by Increased Terrorist Threat

in Disneyland Paris

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The home of one Disney resort has raised its security alert to the highest level – with the potential to impact two Disney parks.

From Disneyland Resort all the way to Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney’s theme parks are designed to help guests escape reality, from classics like Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and “it’s a small world” to new additions such as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

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However, even Mickey Mouse can’t keep the real world out for good. Over the years, Disney’s parks have been impacted by everything from protests to national mourning.

They’ve also been hit by their fair share of tragedy. In the 68 years since Disneyland Park opened, terrifying incidents have occurred at nearly all of their parks. Some of the most famous include a hostage situation at EPCOT in 1992, a cast member crushed to death in America Sings at Disneyland, and a derailment on Space Mountain that injured eight guests.

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT inside Walt Disney World Resort
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Fortunately, tragic incidents are incredibly rare – namely because Disney takes so many preventative measures. The company’s safety regulations and security are notoriously tight and receptive to external threats. That’s why recent news from France may leave some guests questioning changes at Disneyland Paris.

Increased Security Alert in France

On Friday (October 13), France raised its security alert to the highest level after a teacher was fatally stabbed and two other adults were severely wounded in the northern town of Arras. The suspected attacker, Mohammed Moguchkov, was arrested on the scene.

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President Macron announced that a second attack had been foiled elsewhere in France by the country’s security forces on Friday but declined to give further details.

Today (October 14), two major landmarks – the Louvre Museum and Versailles Palace – were also evacuated after bomb threats.

What Can I Expect at Disneyland Paris?

This isn’t the first time France has raised the level of its security alert. While Disneyland Paris doesn’t close due to a heightened threat, it has made significant adjustments to account for the heightened risk of potential threats in the past, including armed police and security outside the parks and throughout the resort’s recreation area, Disney Village.

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As noted by X (formerly known as Twitter) user @SalonMickeyBlog, guests can expect to see this amped up to match the alert level.

Normally a more visible security presence at the park entrance and around the Disney Hotels and Disney Village. Expect to see more armed police and soldiers patrolling around the resort.

The resort also implements other safety measures that remain undisclosed to guests so as to not compromise their effectiveness.

A. Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our guests and Cast Members. We have a long-term partnership with the French authorities in the area of public safety. Security measures onsite have been strengthened. Some of our measures are visible for guests (e.g., bag checks and security personnel) and others are not. We do not disclose all security measures as doing so may compromise their effectiveness.

While this won’t make a major change to holidaymakers, guests should expect tighter checks when entering Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park through the usual security gates. Heightened security in the past has also generated longer wait times to get into the parks – which is a small price to pay for your safety.

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