Disney Violated Guest Safety, Receives Shocking Punishment

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Records show that Disney violated safety rules on 32 different occasions. Its penalty for inflicting this harm is startling.

Casey Jr. – le Petit Train du Cirque, Disney rides at Disneyland Paris on the right and angry Mickey Mouse on the left
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Disney Violated Guest Safety on Multiple Occasions

Sources indicate that the Walt Disney Company, headquartered out of California, committed a series of violations, with the records totaling 68. These Walt Disney World Resort foibles are classed into different categories.

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In the Disney Park section regarding safety, 32 of these violations occurred, not allegedly, but officially. Its punishment for risking the name of the Disney experience and the safety of Walt Disney Company guests? Just over half a million dollars.

Water Ride with waterfall to left, indoor rom with chair and water designs right; part of Disney violating guest safety
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Total Penalty for Disneyland Resort Risking Guest Safety

While it’s not specific whether the incidents occurred to a guest at a theme park or a cast member at Disney World, the core message is the Walt Disney Company violated safety on 32 unique occasions.

The total fine for these offenses was $555,552. Some quick math indicates that this is $17,361 per incident. Considering the sheer number of inherent safety risks at Disney World, the number 32 is small. But it also refers to violations, not victims. With that in mind, it makes the penalty seem even smaller.

Storyteller's Cafe at Disney's California Advneture
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Disney World Guest Relations

Customer service is said to be one of the core tenets of the Walt Disney Company. These virtues of inclusion and acceptance are supposed to hold for every Disney Guest. From Walt Disney World in Florida to Shanghai Disneyland, theme parks have risks.

There is also the expectation that the Walt Disney Company has a reasonable duty of care, especially in guest relations and making it a magical place.

Cinderella with a young Guest and their family at Disneyland Paris
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Safety Violations and Guests Becoming Whole

Specific safety issues at Disney Theme Parks either litigate and go to trial or get settled out of court. Unless criminal charges are brought against the company, the courtroom is the only recourse. Many take to social media to highlight the dangers at Disneyland Park areas, while others are there for the ride.

What’s clear is that, for a company worth roughly $152 billion, paying less than $20,000 for each of its 32 safety violations is pennies to a company like the Walt Disney Company.

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