Social Media Is Ruining Your Disney Trip

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For a group of people who claim to love the so-called “Happiest Places on Earth” Disney fans have done a whole lot of complaining in the past few weeks alone. It seems like news feeds are constantly flooding with bad publicity from the Disney Parks.

Yet with all this bad press, people still go to Disney. Reports of ride deterioration, poor quality of merch, food, and more continue to circulate, and guest behavior continues to spiral ever downward.

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From that description, is there really that much appeal in visiting the Parks anymore? With many claiming that Disney has lost its magic touch, some of the most dedicated fans have been questioning their loyalty to the company. Reports of negative experiences continue to pour ever inward, but Disney might not be the only one at fault. The company is still going through a massive shake-up, but its declining reputation might be blown out of proportion.

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It’s been stated multiple times before that Disney has one of the most vocal fan bases in existence. While they are quick to praise the company anytime they do something favorable, they are just as volatile when they do something wrong or even mildly questionable. That being said, demanding repairs to a popular ride in EPCOT is far different from constantly criticizing its new entrance sign. This ever-flowing stream of grievances has made some Disney fans question how much is  a sense of general concern and how much is just nitpicking for the sake of social media clout.

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The same question was posed on Reddit and dozens of Disney fans came out of the woodwork to give their two cents. The swamps of social media have been a breeding ground for negative reviews, but many users have posted here to reassure dedicated fans that there is still something magical in the Disney Parks.

u/bigkbull gives those looking to visit the Parks a healthy reminder of what a Disney trip is all about when they write,

“Enjoy yourself. Remember that a shut down ride will not run your entire vacation. Social media has made so many people think that they have to experience every single thing there is to offer and if you miss anything then it was a total waste of money.”

And u/johnykbr offers another nugget of insight on how a big part of the negative criticism is due to Guests’ nostalgia for Disney itself rather than the actual experience.

“Well it’s Nostalgia that separates Disney from most other large theme parks. It took Universal forever to realize that and they are tapping into it and doing well. That doesn’t excuse the reaction of people over the Epcot sign removal (although it does look horrid currently), but if they destroy the value of nostalgia then there’s little to drive return visits.

Both users bring up critical points to the influx of negative responses, but u/Big-Change-1316 goes into great detail on the matter of how Disney’s changes have altered Guest’s perspective.

“One thing I have noticed is that due to Disney increasing the cost, most people visiting the parks they are expecting close to perfection… Guests want to maximize their time being there to get their moneys worth, but the crowds can prevent you doing everything, Cast Members are more sparse and under pressure due to volume of people and this combines to detract from the atmosphere a bit. Add some hot sun and crying kids into the mix and in general you have some issues…”

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Perspective plays a big part in any Disney trip, and social media thrives on negative criticism. Disney is known for their gift for immersion, and the point of the Parks is to leave the realms of reality behind. There’s no such thing as a perfect Disney vacation, sometimes, it is what you make it. An inconvenience isn’t going to destroy your trip, and waiting in line is going to be a necessary evil. Reports from anonymous users aren’t going to make or break your next visit, and the best thing to do is simply to pack a bag, go in, and experience it yourself.

Do you think Disney fans have become too critical? Tell us in the comments below!

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