“It’s Underwhelming,” Disney Park Leaves Guests Wanting More

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It seems like Disney fans do a lot of complaining these days, especially around the subject of change. One of the most recent offenders has surprisingly been the updating of the EPCOT entrance sign. While most sensible park-goers would ask why are they so concerned about something they pass under in a few seconds, it might actually be the sign of a more concerning matter.

For a place that has been labeled as Disney’s futuristic park, EPCOT and its fans seem to rely heavily on a sense of nostalgia. Many fans are claiming that Disney is getting too involved with their Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, mixing their animated IP in attractions and exhibits focused on technology, science, and exploration, but it might also be the case that they are more focused on what EPCOT was originally rather than what it has been even in the past decade.

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The realms of social media are absolutely overflowing with tweets, comments, and threads of fans and regular Disney Park Guests sharing their thoughts on the subject. On a recent article from ITM, a user known as “Morris Fraser” brings up an interesting point when they write,

“EPCOT no longer truly is Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It started as a break from traditional Disney, looking to the future (not just Disney future). At some point (maybe with the Three Caballeros theming in Mexico’s boat ride?) the concept began to change. Land, Imagination, Horizons, Communicore all were a way of displaying concepts interesting to everyone apart from The Mouse and Sleeping Beauty. I fear even the backstage tour of the Land will feature only Mickey-shaped gourds. World Showcase allowed those of us who couldn’t travel abroad a sense of different and legitimate cultures, dining and entertainment. Today, it seems even the Imagineers are not imaginative, and their engineering seems to be limited to re-jiggering what The Nine Old Men created.”

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Fraser is only one voice in a sea of hundreds who crave EPCOT’s former glory. Even with new additions to classic attractions like the World Showcase, Guests are still craving references and fan service in support of older experiences. It’s not just about entrance decor or parking signs. As construction still lingers at the Park, Disney truly needs to consider a balance for both audiences. Yes, Disney character should be more incorporated into some of the attractions, it is a Disney park after all. However, there’s also something to be said for returning EPCOT’s true focus.

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A recent Reddit post sparked a lengthy discussion concerning the Epcot entrance sign alone, and mini users were quick to point out that several Disney fans suffer from one big flaw, their unwillingness to change. An ironic mindset for fans of a theme park perpetually changing, but the fact still stands. Change is good, but progress is nothing unless it has a framework to look back on.

Has EPCOT lost its touch, or are Guests simply longing for that nostalgic age? Tell us in the comments below.

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