Racism Reportedly Alive & Well at Disney Parks

in Disneyland Resort

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The Happiest Place on Earth isn’t living up to its reputation. As fights and rulebreaking abound at Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and Downtown Disney, multiple guests report targeted racism at the Southern California Disney theme parks.

In the last decade, The Walt Disney Company put considerable effort into removing racist and sexist animatronics and references from attractions like The Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort closed Splash Mountain after activists publicized its connection to the widely-banned and racist film Song of the South (1946). Inclusivity efforts across Disney Parks and Disney Entertainment aim to make everyone feel represented and welcome.

Unfortunately, some guests aren’t exhibiting inclusive behavior. Two guests recently recalled racist harassment at Disneyland Resort. Reddit user u/Couch_PotatoSalad’s family was waiting in line for a ride, conversing in their native language, when a group of teenagers started mocking them.

Splash Mountain at Disneyland Resort, now closed for its ties to 'Song of the South,' a film banned for its exhibition of racism.
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“While waiting, we were casually talking and laughing, basically catching up since we were in vacation that time and we havnt [sic.] seen our aunt for years,” the guest recalled. “We were talking in our native language and then I noticed this group of teenagers laughing and making fun of us because they are trying to mimic what we are saying but in a gibberish way.”

The guest’s aunt tried to comfort her nieces and nephews – and came up with a bit of petty revenge.

“My aunt said just don’t mind them cause we can clearly understand what they’re saying but they will not understand what we are saying,” the guest wrote. “So as a petty revenge, we talked and laughed with our native language while looking at them. They stopped and kept quiet after that.”

A photo of Disneyland Park in the 1960s in California.
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In another incident, a white couple allegedly harassed a Mexican family after cutting in line.

“Last week I saw a white couple cut in line and then tell the Mexican couple they cut off to get over it because’ “darkies don’t have rights where I’m from,’” u/kokoelizabeth said.

Security was called, but it’s unknown how the altercation ended.

One guest witnessed a family intentionally riling up other guests with political attire.

space mountain at disneyland
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“I’ve seen people wearing extreme political views,” u/night-otter recalled. “I could tell one of them was enjoying the negative reactions.”

Disney Parks fans were disgusted to hear of such behavior.

“That’s awful and so crushing,” u/ErinBE3 wrote. “So sorry that happened to someone. It’s unbelievable there are still people who do things like this!”

If you experience racism, discrimination, harassment, or assault at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, report it to the nearest Disney cast member. Security will remove guests not adhering to the Disney theme park rules

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on personal Disney Parks Guest experiences. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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