Family’s Disney World Visit Takes a Shocking Turn as Daughter Drops to the Ground

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A little girl receiving CPR by paramedics with the Tomorrowland entrance sign to the right.

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A magical family vacation at Disney World turned into a nightmare after a little girl dropped to the ground unexpectedly.

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Unfortunate Disney World Incidents

Some unfortunate incidents have occurred recently at Walt Disney World Resort. A man was caught on video jumping off a bridge inside EPCOT Disney World Park. The incident was caught on film and posted to social media, where it made the rounds.

A vaping accident also took place inside Walt Disney World (WDW) after a guest illegally smoking on Disney property was asked by another cast member to stop vaping, which resulted in a verbal altercation.

A group of over 50 youths decided it was their time to shine and thought that the rules and regulations did not apply to them after attempting to line jump at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Aside from these unfortunate incidents, another incident involving a little girl occurred at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, inside Tomorrowland.

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According to a former cast member on social media, specifically Reddit, a little girl dropped to the ground on a rather hot and humid day while the family was vacationing at Disney World. Here is the full story according to Reddit user u/ibc04:

When I was a CM, I had a shift in Tomorrow Land, and I was scanning the crowd I saw this family walking and in a split second their daughter dropped to the ground. I calmly walked over and assessed the situation (I had prior first aid training) and knew she had a heat related issue going on. Had dad pick her up and brought her into the cool gift shop and had (it was a total blur) mom- maybe another CM get bottles of water. I ripped a few t-shirts off there hangers and drenched them in water and applied them to the girls neck, armpits and legs. Then the duty manager arrived with paramedics to take over. I went back to my location and really never heard what happened after.

Families and Guests walking in and out of Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash
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According to the former cast member, they were observing their surroundings when they noticed a girl drop to the ground unexpectedly, and they had to intervene to keep the family calm and collected. They brought the girl inside to cool her off as paramedics arrived to address the situation.

Unfortunately, that is the entire story, as the cast member had to return to their post and was not made aware of what happened to the girl when emergency services took her away. We hope the little girl was only dehydrated and did not suffer something worse.

It is essential to remain hydrated when visiting a different climate like Orlando, Florida, as the weather there typically tends to dehydrate people quicker and more quickly. Having water on hand and maintaining hydration regardless of the season will help you remain healthy throughout your Disney vacation.

A theme park like Disney World will have the necessary measures to assist you if you get severely dehydrated. Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, the Grand Floridian Resort, Blizzard Beach Water Park, or any other Disney resort will have medical personnel ready to help you should you fall victim to not drinking enough water. Other places like Universal Orlando Resort or if you end up going on a Disney Cruise Line will also ensure your safety comes first.

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