Chaos Ensues After Over 50 Disney World Guests Attempt to Line Jump at Major Attraction

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Over 50 Disney World guests attempted to cut in line at an attraction inside one of the parks.

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Disney World Incident Leaves Guests in Shock

Imagine going to Walt Disney World Resort and attempting to get on a popular attraction that already boasts a longer-than-average wait time, only to get stuck behind a group of 30 guests waiting in line to let another 30 guests get in line with them. I’m sure you’d be shocked and appalled and angry at best. That happened to a couple looking to board Avatar Flight of Passage inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom, one of the four main Disney Parks.

Flight of Passage is famous in the World of Pandora at Animal Kingdom Park. The ride opened in May 2017 and is an indoor 3D flying simulator attraction set in the Avatar (2009) universe. The average wait time for this ride is typically 92 minutes, which amounts to an hour and 30 minutes at best. Sometimes, the passage does reach wait times as high as over 200 minutes.

So it’s easy to say that when over 50 Disney guests attempt to line jump in front of you, your day of magic comes to a screeching halt.

Avatar Flight of Passage
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A Reddit user by the name of u/Da_Droid_Mechanic, on the u/DisneyParks subreddit page, told a story of the most annoying thing that has happened to anyone at a Disney Park. Their story goes as follows, and please keep in mind:

Please be advised that the narrative presented in this article is derived from an individual’s personal experience as a guest at Disney parks. It is essential to recognize that each guest encounter is distinct, and this article may not necessarily reflect the perspective or stance of Inside the Magic regarding Disney Park operations.

With that being said, here’s what the Reddit user said:

There was a girl’s youth group of about 30 in front of us in line for Fight of Passage. Then another girl’s youth group from the same organisation with 30 more girls joined them in the line! Everyone was so pissed!! We were right behind the first group and ended up somewhere in the middle of all of them because there was so many. My husband and I ended up making our way to the front of both groups.

Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney's Animal Kingdom
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Per the story above, the individuals in the report mentioned a time they attempted to get on Flight of Passage and had to make their way toward the front to evade a group of 60 youths from a group not mentioned in the story above. It’s common practice to hold your place in line for a loved one, maybe a few, but 60 is asking for trouble.

Unfortunately, this type of incident happens daily at theme parks like Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Similar stories have also come from Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

But despite efforts from cast members of the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks, people still hold their place in line for others, leading to altercations and disputes among friends and family. But although this is highly frowned upon when visiting a theme park, it is not illegal to hold a place for someone. But this behavior is not recommended and should not be practiced as anything can and will happen, potentially leading to something terrible.

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