Disney+ Is Reviving the Best Nickelodeon Cartoon

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Disney+ is the biggest hub for some of the most classic animated shows and films. Though Disney has often kept to its own IPs, the media conglomerate is now set to revive the most beloved children’s cartoon, one of which was not initially created by the House of Mouse.

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In the same vein as many films revised stories 10-30 years old, many classic shows are returning. Game shows like Let’s Make A Deal and former drama shows like Quantum Leap have returned to mainstream media. The old saying “history repeats itself” has become true in shows and films over the last ten years.

Even adult animated ventures like Ren & Stimpy, King of the Hill, and Futurama have all returned to revival status. However, these examples are a bit too crude for Disney+. We would love for the Disney+ app to pick up something like Ren & Stimpy, though the app is already streaming The Simpsons. The Simpsons might not be crude, but it contains more adult elements.

Disney+ might never go for something more adult than The Simpsons; they are not above going after former Nickelodeon properties. Disney and Nickelodeon have been fierce rivals for many years, and now Disney will revive one of the original Nicktoons.

Disney+ Producing ‘Doug’ Sequel Series

Social media star Tenn Buick sat down with Doug creator Jim Jinkins as the pair detailed a lot about one of the original three Nicktoons. Jinkins initially created Doug and his dog Porkchop for a commercial. Jinkins would then attempt to make Doug a children’s book, though his colleague would push him to attend a meeting with Nickelodeon for the Nicktoons slate.

Through the above interview, Jim Jinkins dropped the huge bombshell that Disney+ is officially reviving Doug. Though the original series focused on Doug, Patty Mayonaise, Porkchop, and Roger as younger, the new sequel series will focus on Doug and Patty’s children, with the tentative name being Doug Kids.

Many people consider the 90s to be the golden age of cartoons, and the nostalgia of Doug is embedded in so many people. Though this new sequel series is meant to focus on the kids more, Jinkins also showcased what the original characters look like.

Doug’s daughter Yancy, his son Doug Jr., and Skeeter’s son are all shown in the first drawings for the new series. This is huge, allowing a new generation to take in what made Doug special. Jinkins also revealed that Disney owns the copyright for the Doug series, so it stands to reason that they will be making this sequel series soon.

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Oddly enough, Disney+ only has the first three seasons of the original series, with Paramount+ having seasons 1-4. If the House of Mouse owns the copyright to the show, we hope they will bring in all seven seasons of the classic series. Either way, Disney+ is reviving the most beloved children’s shows.

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