Disney Guest Banned Indefinitely After Committing Life-Threatening Stunt on Attraction

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The iconic Disneyland Railroad train station is seen with a classic red train at the platform, adorned with red, white, and blue bunting. The building is surrounded by well-maintained landscaping, flowers, and trees, with blue skies and a flag atop the roof.

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A Disney Parks guest has been banned after attempting to perform a dangerous and life-threatening stunt on a fast-paced attraction.

Pixar Pier | Credit: Disneyland Resorts
Pixar Pier | Credit: Disneyland Resorts

Disney Guest Attempts Life-Threatening Stunt and Other Stories From Various Disney Parks

Accidents and incidents continue to occur inside one of the most magical places on earth. Today, a man was caught sprinting through a popular attraction and could face a lifetime ban if Disney deals with them accordingly.

Over at EPCOT, multiple major attractions were down park-wide, leading many guests to believe that some technical issues were happening. The high wait times led to many disgruntled guests commenting on how “horrible” and “disastrous” it made their time at Walt Disney World (WDW).

Another Disney guest threw an item outside a moving and operational ride at Disneyland Resort in California, which was okay. The guest threw their phone out of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad, causing the lift to stop for a long time.

Sleeping Beauty Castle with Encanto projections during Wondrous Journeys, Disneyland's latest fireworks show
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Over at Disney World Resort, over 50 guests attempted to line jump in front of a couple who stood in line at the famous Animal Kingdom attraction. The guests seemed to be part of a youth group visiting the park that day.

One long-time Passholder who has been frequenting Disneyland Resort has been banned after attempting to perform a dangerous “suicidal” stunt while on a fast-moving and popular attraction.

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A Reddit user by the name of u/Downtown-Bend5121 posted to the r/Disneyland subreddit page, going off on the park for banning them after the guest attempted to do the “seatbelt thing,” which is when a guest tries to get up on a ride while the moving vehicle in motion. The Annual Passholder had this to say about the entire ordeal.

Disney guest - Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, and Pluto in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
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i have been a annual holder for almost 10 years now been going once every weekend 48 times a year for 10 years never had any problom never did anything wrong never broke any rules never had any violations the one time this was this weekend i did the seatbelt thing on guardians they took me off the ride and revocked my pass was walked out by security was trespased for the night i am aware now that was very wrong for me i have realised what i did was horribly wrong i would never do anything like this ever again but they have revoked my pass for a year now over all this they are still making me pay my monthly payments for this pass even though that i am not able to go i understand what i did was stupid but i think that this is very wrong this is to harsh of them to do this is my first offense and i get banned for a year 10 years i have been going and this is how they treat a loyal customer after doing one wrong thing i think what would be fair is give me a warning and the next time you do it you get banned for a year i am very sad about what has happend and that i will still be making payments for a pass that i cant even use, once again i am aware that i have done somnething wrong i just want your opinions on whether this is too harsh or ok.

According to their report, the Annual Passholder was on the Guardians of the Galaxy  – Mission: BREAKOUT!, an accelerated drop tower attraction at the Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort in California. The guest allegedly attempted to do the “seatbelt” thing and get off their seat while the ride was in motion, which is sometimes high speed. This maneuver could cost someone their life as the stunt could lead to anyone accidentally injuring themselves or someone else, or worse – death.

An attempt like this one should never be made, and although the guest is going off on the Disney Parks, it’s best to let them vent even though what they did was wrong and highly dangerous.

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