DC Legend Backs Jason Momoa Over Amber Heard Accusations

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The DC universe is in a state of decay, as the final DCEU movie is set to release finally. That movie is Aquaman 2 and has been surrounded by controversy—just like its predecessors. Amber Heard has made some huge claims regarding the Aquaman 2 film, including stating that her part was cut to nothing. Though that seems farfetched, a DC legend has now weighed in, backing Momoa over Heard’s recent accusations.

Amber Heard as Mera in 'Aquaman'
Credit: DC Studios

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It seems that every time a DC film is about to release, it cannot find its way out of headlines for anything but negative press. Shazam 2 saw star Zachary Levi was attacked online for posting an anti-Pfizer tweet. The Flash was also surrounded by controversy since its inception, based on the multiple arrests and wild behavior of Ezra Miller. Aquaman 2 now has its own issues, as star Amber Heard made plenty of negative remarks toward the film.

Heard first mentioned the Aquaman 2 sequel during her heavily publicized defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp. While the pair traded barbs with one another in the courtroom, Heard claimed that her part in the DC film was parsed down to nothing since she accused Depp of domestic violence.

Heard became an instant target for online abuse, including a petition reaching a staggering 4.6 million signatures to remove her from Aquaman 2. However, that wasn’t the case, with director James Wan even exclaiming the film is not about her character but more about Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson.

To make matters worse, Heard recently provided even wilder accusations, as she stated that Jason Momoa would arrive on set drunk. She also explained that he attempted to torture her by emulating her ex-husband. This accusation sounded a bit suspect, but now a DC legend has weighed in on the drama.

Kevin Smith Backs Jason Momoa Over Amber Heard

During the most recent episode of the Fatman Beyond Podcast, Kevin Smith revealed his opinions about the most recent Aquaman 2 allegations made by Amber Heard. Smith spoke up about Jason Momoa and how the accusations from Heard claiming he dressed as Johnny Depp to torture her are off base. According to Smith:

“I don’t think he just dressed as Johnny Depp. I think he just kind of dresses like Johnny Depp, layers and s–t like that.”

Honestly, Smith does make a good point. If anyone happens to watch interviews with Momoa or see pictures of him, he generally has a style similar to Johnny Depp. He wears a lot of scarves and wide-brim hats that make it look like he is trying to emulate Depp. That’s not to say he is copying anyone’s style, but his and Depp’s styles could be easily interchangeable.

Smith also stated that he does believe some of the rumors regarding Aquaman 2, such as people walking out of the test screenings. He explains that the new movie contains a hugely dark storyline from the Aquaman comics, which might be the biggest reason why people could not handle it.

Amber Heard stating Jason Momoa was torturing her is just another in the long list of accusations she has made throughout her trial with Depp and the blowback from the public because of it. She was paid for her part in the film and should be left at that. She is only further damaging her reputation and her reputation with DC. Instead of promoting the film, she continually keeps this DC property surrounded by controversy.

The good news from the above podcast episode is that Smith also exclaimed that he could see Jason Momoa as Lobo, as he “looks like him.” We couldn’t agree more, and he is part of the fan casting that has happened since Gunn announced his DCU reset.

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Aquaman 2 sounds like it will be a box office bomb, much like the final DCEU movies have all been. Though we imagine the issues with the films’ stars have not fallen on the shoulders of James Gunn, we also understand his want to reset everything and forget the films that have already happened are not his responsibility.

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