Bob Iger Ignores Multi-Billion Dollar Plan to Change Walt Disney Forever

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Bob Iger with Boba Fett as seen in Star Wars: Battle Front 2

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Bob Iger reportedly won’t drastically change the Walt Disney Company even if it’s the best choice forward.

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As of right now, Disney is struggling. Marvel Studios is getting a massive reboot, with many of their Disney+  series being reworked. On top of this, Iger is apparently overwhelmed by the recent box office bombs as most of the Disney movies have failed to earn the company money. With Marvel and Star Wars backlogged with content, Disney decided it was best to cut content rather than ensure quality.

Disney+ continues to lose series as the Walt Disney Company might begin a purge similar to what Warner Bros. Discovery did with Max to avoid more financial losses. At the end of the day, Disney is working around the clock to ensure the company is back on track, but that only keeps the company afloat.

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Iger is attacking this problem on several fronts, but a new report indicates that Disney might finally tackle a new medium to help bring their company back on top. The videogame industry. During the pandemic, video games became one of the most lucrative industries worldwide. Several top-selling video games earn companies millions of dollars easily, with some publishers receiving billions. Recently, Disney’s approach to video games is letting other publishers use their IPs without prioritizing creating their own publisher.

For instance, Disney has some games created, but other publishers reap the rewards of their hard work using some of Disney’s IPs, and while the House of Mouse gets some profit, it’s clear that they don’t have a presence in the gaming industry.

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A new report reveals that Iger’s deputies believe that Disney needs to be a “gaming giant” and dominate that industry. The reportedly best move to do that is to buy Electronics Arts (EA), one of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry. EA has published several Star Wars video game such as “Star Wars Battlefront II” and “Jedi: Fallen Order,” some of the more well-known Star Wars games in the past decade. This is something @screentime reports that Bob Iger is “noncommittal” and hasn’t taken action on it so far:

Bob Iger’s deputies want him to turn Disney into a gaming giant, “through, say, an acquisition of Electronic Arts” Iger so far has been noncommittal via Bloomberg

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This would make sense after Disney signed an exclusive deal with EA for ten years of Star Wars video games to only be made by them. Some of the most profitable games have been under EA, and they are one of the more prominent publishers for a reason. Unfortunately, a move like that isn’t an easy task. The FTC and other groups don’t want to see monopolies, and after Microsoft settled a deal with Activision, it has taken them years to get the merger approved. If Disney went after EA, it would be a huge step into the gaming industry, but it would take years of trials and going back and forth on whether or not a merger like that is legal.

It’s understandable why Iger doesn’t want to commit to such a big deal, but he is the man who got Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and other studios into the House of Mouse. If anyone can broker a deal, it’s Iger. Disney would probably benefit a lot from having their publisher and studios dedicated to making good video games because they could reach many different age groups and get a more consistent cash flow than maybe what the box office would give them.

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