Tom Holland Pitched Gay Spider-Man Years Before MCU Controversy

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Tom Holland as Peter Parker Character in 'Spider-Man' Movie

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Tom Holland gave an interview almost four years before the LGBTQ+ controversy within the MCU, suggesting a gay Spider-Man as part of the franchise’s future.

(right to left) Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire variants of Peter Parker/Spider-Man with Spider-Man logo; Marvel Studios
Credit: Inside the Magic

LGBTQ+ Spider-Man and MCU and Film Controversy

Famous actor and Spider-Man’s Peter Parker character, Tom Holland, had a pet project. It’s called The Crowded Room. Within this entirely separate piece of cinema, fans and critics drew lines between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson and the different drama TV series.

Based on a non-fiction piece about the life of Billy Milligan, a reportedly gay man, it stirred up controversy for two key reasons:

  1. Tom Holland chose to step away from the Spider-Verse movie franchise in favor of self-care, avoidance of social media, personal struggles with acting, and addiction.
  2. In The Crowded Room, there is an LGBTQ+ scene that thrust the episode into the viral meta, with a split fan vote on the morals and ethics of the Tom Holland piece.
Tom Holland as Spider-Man
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Fans disavowed the Peter Parker player altogether, while others rallied with support. On the media end, Andrew Garfield fearlessly supported the LGBTQ+ community, hoping there would be a gay Spider-Man in the future. Before the “woke” movement, the idea of a gay man taking the role of a canonically straight man may have received different reactions.

Yet current statistics suggest that approximately 7.2% of United States individuals identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Marvel Entertainment has the favor of roughly 43% of Americans. That means over 10 million Spider-Man fans identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
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Tom Holland Pitched a Gay Spider-Man in 2019

During an interview with the Sunday Times, Tom Holland said he was for a gay Spider-Man. While being clear that he could not speak about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Holland did make a few comments.

Among his notes, Tom Holland, the Peter Parker icon, talked about the future of Marvel Studios, saying, “They’re going to be representing a lot of different people in the next few years.”

Marvel Voices Pride 2022 LGBT Anthology featuring Billy Kaplan/Wiccan, Teddy Altman/Hulking art by Nick Robles
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Tom Holland Was Clear About His Priorities

The actor who starred in the Spider-Man franchise noted that the world is “more complex” and not as simple as a “straight white guy.” Per Holland, the Spider-Verse movie is meant to incorporate more than one type of person.

This came long before Tom Holland’s latest news of stepping away from the character and franchise. Yet the records still show fans that Tom Holland was one of the progressive Marvel voices long before it became trendy. It further highlights the priorities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the potential for changes to Spider-Man canon.

What are your thoughts on a gay Peter Parker as Spider-Man? It is too far from canon or “more complex,” as Holland said. Make your mark below!

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