‘Star Wars’ Fans Disgusted, Disney Ruins ‘Ahsoka’ For Millions

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Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka Tano with the Ahsoka Logo

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Dave Filoni’s Ahsoka just released Part Four — “Fallen Jedi,” a pivotal episode for the series, and Star Wars had to spoil a huge reveal in their recent post.

Baylan Skoll and his apprentice Shin Hati looking at a star map in episode of 'Ahsoka' on Disney+
Credit: Lucasfilm

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For some reason, Star Wars doesn’t understand that fans have lives. Sometimes, they wish they could watch the episode right when it is released, but they can’t, and before they get the chance to watch it, they openly spoil the reveal for fans. The same thing happened when Maul faced Ben Kenobi in Star Wars Rebels. Minutes after his fatal duel, Star Wars released a tribute to Maul all over the internet, angering fans who didn’t get the chance to watch the episode yet.

Ahsoka and Sabine are trying to find where Thrawn and Ezra ended up because another war will start if Morgan Elsbeth and her army find Thrawn first. There’s a lot on the line, and while the episode sets up a lot of what to expect for the rest of the series, fans were unprepared for the ending.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in 'Ahsoka'
Credit: Lucasfilm

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If you haven’t watched the episode, it’s probably best that you stop reading right here because Lucasfilm went out of its way to spoil the next episode. If you choose to stick around, the last episode’s ending went places. Sabine barely survived her duel with Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno). Ahsoka didn’t just die when Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson) knocked her off the cliff. She heard a familiar voice after waking up in a new realm, the mythical World Between Worlds. Anakin Skywalker.

Hayden Christensen voices his iconic character this time, not Matt Lanter, leaving fans to see Ahsoka and Anakin reunite in live-action finally, but not everything seems right. Anakin’s lightsaber looks more like Darth Vader’s lightsaber with the Dark Lord of the Sith’s iconic theme playing at the end of the episode, but that’s where the episode ends.

Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka
Credit: Lucasfilm

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This moment shocked fans, and while the season is already half over, Star Wars wastes no time to spoil Anakin’s return by showing him off in a new poster for the series:

Catch up on the first four episodes of @AhsokaOfficial, now streaming on @DisneyPlus

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This post angered some fans who didn’t get the chance to watch the episode yet. One user, @BarrySkywalker1, shares their frustration about the massive spoiler: 

Y’all are fast with the spoilers bruh

Another fan, User @jipingchiu responds by saying that Ahsoka’s viewership might be lower than what Disney wants and is making the company desperate for more views:

Amazing episode, but using Anakin as promotion so quickly makes me think the viewership really isn’t that good

Other fans shared their love for the episode below:


This is the beginning of the sequel trilogy we should have gotten to begin with.. Excellent.. It is time to put John, and Dave Filoni in charge.. The Filoni verse is the only good Disney Star Wars….

Other fans point out how quickly Star Wars ruined this moment for fans:

I love how Star Wars goes to unbelievable lengths not to spoil anything, but 14 hours later they are putting out a poster revealing a character who is in the show. I’m glad I watched last night and sorry for those who had this ruined for them.

Appreciate the spoiler in this image before those of us get to watch the latest episode, which only aired just 14 hrs ago.

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This spoiler will hit more fans and ruin that special experience for them. It’s tough because Star Wars doesn’t normally have huge spoilers every week, so when something big happens, it’s hard to know before it’s too late.

Sadly, Disney doesn’t want fans to have the best experience because waiting a few days to release that poster would’ve been perfect if they did. There is still so much to learn about what is happening with Ahsoka and Anakin, but Episode 5 will delve deeper into this, leaving fans excited to see her return finally and also see the imminent return of Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen).

Ahsoka releases new episodes on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. PST.

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