Parents Use Baby as Shield, Horror Nights Actor Responds

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Halloween came early this year, as multiple theme parks like Walt Disney World, Sea World, and especially Universal Studios are dressing for the occasion. Halloween Horror Nights is the foremost haunted attraction event in the country, and thousands flock each year. That said, sometimes the wrong audience gets a front-row seat.

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Inside the Magic recently shared a report of a couple bringing their baby to the grotesquely frightening event, and it seems they weren’t the only ones. While some might be unphased, Horror Nights is undoubtedly not something recommended for those under the age of 14, and one of Universal’s many monsters has something to say.

“Kids Don’t Belong There,” Says Horror Nights Scareactor

La Llorona scaring a passerby
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Every year, Universal Studios employs a whole horrifying host of scareactors who bring Halloween Horror Nights to life. These performers don movie-quality prosthetics, makeup, and costumes to  portray the event’s wide variety of frightening characters. Not exactly a meeting with Mickey Mouse on Main Street.

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Many performers truly get into the roles, and won’t waste a second thought about jumping out at meandering parkgoers, especially in the Scare-Zones. However, one scareactor has a bone to pick with parents who think its a bright idea to bring extremely young children to an event like Horror Nights.


Don’t bring babies or small children to Halloween Horror Nights…. #hhn #halloween #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #halloweenhorrornights #themepark #universal

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@tremainetok is a TikTok creator and former Parks performer. Although she’s primarily known for her work with Disney as Lady Tremaine (hence the screen name) she also has experience as an actor at Horror Nights. While some might laugh at using a baby as a human shield, the creator completely calls them out.

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Not only does she advocate for the children who are forced to endure the potentially traumatizing event, but she outwardly rebukes parents taking their underaged kids to the event. Universal or otherwise, this is definitely a terrible idea.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 New Merchandise
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Loud noises, fake blood, disturbing special effects, and horrifying creatures are enough to send even some adults into a state of shock, let alone kids too young to attend the event. As the creator said in the video above, this event is not meant for them, and the fear they experience could have long lasting after effects.

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It should be stated that while there is no official restriction for Halloween Horror Nights, Universal does warn that the event is not suitable for all audiences. The official statement reads,

“This event is recommended for mature audiences only. We strongly urge parents with children under the age of 13 to reconsider visiting this event with their children. They will be exposed to extremely adult material. There are no refunds for this event.”

Coming from a person who is easily jump-scared, this author highly recommends Disney World or Sea World’s events for those who don’t meet the age recommendation or simply don’t view getting menaced by maniacs as their idea of fun.

How old were you at your first Horror Nights? Tell Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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