Universal Studios is “Extra Pissed” at Taylor Swift After Careless Stunt

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Taylor Swift fight with Universal Studios

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It looks like Taylor Swift may not be very welcomed into Universal Orlando Resort, or Universal Studios Hollywood in the near future. As it goes for her acting career, count her out of Universal Studios feature films as well. The iconic pop singer has left a rancid taste in the mouth of the major studio following her most recent movie-making decisions.

Universal Orlando Resort Annual Passholders (Guests) posing outside Universal Studios Florida
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Taylor Swift has once again broken the internet with her announcement that Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour concert film will be coming to AMC Theaters in the U.S., Canada & Mexico. The tickets caused a frenzy online after being announced on Good Morning America, and fans quickly sold out the film.

If you have been paying attention to the music industry over the past few months, you know that Taylor Swift has been single-handedly dominating the nation, and world with her Eras Tour, celebrating all of her past albums in one collective performance. The artist has repeatedly broken Ticketmaster and has fans traveling the globe, following her from show to show, paying thousands for tickets, replicating her costumes, and crying uncontrollably at her performance.

Taylor Swift in "I Bet You Think About Me"
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Because of her excessive fame, it is not a shock that the October 13 weekend will now belong to Swifites across the country, demolishing any other film in the path of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour.

The singer is so incredibly popular that Swift has even been the cause of a “Beast Quake”, which is a Swiftie’s version of an earthquake. At two “Eras” tour concerts at Seattle’s Lumen Field on July 22 and 23, Swift and her fans managed to make enough noise and movement to actually rock the ground beneath them for four straight hours, causing a “Swift Quake,” according to Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a geology professor at Western Washington University.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour
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Her level of fame doesn’t even end with an earthquake, but she has impersonators as well.

Ashley Leechin, a viral TikToker, has been embarking on a social experiment where she pretends to be Taylor Swift in public, to surprisingly convincing degrees. Leechin visited many places dressed as the singer, convincing millions that Taylor Swift was actually wherever she was. Leechin visited the Disneyland Resort one day, convincing Guests that the legendary singer stopped by for a ride on Space Mountain.

Leechin was accompanied by security while she visited the Resort. Despite the popularity and fame, while fake, Leechin has come out and called the social experiment “horrific.” The impersonator has since received tons of flack from Swifties, upset by her attempt to steal Taylor’s identity.

The growth of Swift over the recent years has been unprecedented and is now untouchable.

When Swift decided to put her Eras Tour onto film, she did it privately, and also worked with AMC privately without letting any of the studios know. So, they found out like the rest of us that her film would be coming to theaters in less than two months. Most studios plans release dates well before the two month mark, and it is always very important to know what other films are releasing during that time so that studios can plan for the best opening success possible.

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By Taylor Swift surprising everyone, she also put many films at risk. She will now be taking over nearly every AMC and removing the hype from any other release.

Taylor Swift Updates (@swifferupdates) wrote, “🎥| Since @taylorswift13 decided to secretly work directly with AMC Theater’s CEO Adam Aron, she has reportedly angered studios in Hollywood for excluding them in the distribution of the “Eras Tour” film.

According to Puck News, Universal Pictures is “extra pissed” because she excluded them from the distribution of the film and announced her collaboration with AMC Theaters “without any of the studios getting a heads-up.”

Why are these studios mad, you might ask? Well, @taylorswift13 and her team decided to independently finance and distribute the film, increasing their earnings and being the sole beneficiaries of the profits, which isn’t very common since the majority of people rely on traditional Hollywood studios to finance and distribute their films.

“This success sends a clear message from exhibitors to traditional studios that multiplexes can find programming without their help, potentially changing the dynamics of cinema distribution.”

It seems Swift shopped her film around to streaming platforms first, but the offers she received were very low for the product. Her father then had the idea to cut out the middleman and go straight to theaters. The film is entirely independent, and Taylor owns the rights, so she was able to do this.

So why is Universal pissed off?

The Exorcist Believer Halloween Horror Nights
Credit: Universal

The Exorcist: Believer was set to open on October 13, just before Halloween. The film is made by Universal Pictures and has had a ton of hype bringing back Linda Blair’s iconic Regan. It also has two Halloween Horror Night houses in both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood. The promotion and campaign for the film’s release were well underway when Swift announced her movie theater take over. Instead of letting Swift’s sparkle outshine the horrors of The Exorcist reboot, Universal chose to inevitably move up the release to October 6 in a last-minute decision.

Since Taylor Swift’s decision to stand up to her ex-manager Scooter Braun after he sold all of her music without telling her, the singer has taken matters into her own hands. Recently, she entered a legal battle with Disney star Olivia Rodgrio over song copyright claims, taking back what she believes is hers. Read more on that here. 

Do you think that Taylor Swift should have warned Universal Studios and others about her film taking over the cinemas? 

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