Muppet Vision Walled Off by Ominous Construction, Fans Troubled

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Kermit bites his nails

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Muppet Vision 3D is definitely one of the biggest cult favorites at the Disney Parks. A relic of a bygone decade, the attraction still continues to entertain the same breed of fans after generations have walked in and out of its doors. As one of the last remaining original Jim Henson projects, the fans are pretty protective.

Muppet Vision 3D outer
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As construction continues around the Muppet Courtyard, fans have grown concerned, suspicious, and anxious that the fate of one of their favorite attractions could hang in the balance. Although no announcements to close it have been made by Disney, all attractions have a lifespan.

Fans Debate Fate of Muppet Vision


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To say that Muppet Vision 3D is one of the most protected and beloved attractions in operation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be an understatement. If its admirers get so much as a whiff of change in its general direction, they’ll go for the torches, pitchforks, and exploding fish at the drop of a hat.

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As comedic as their reactions can sometimes be, as seen in the TikTok above, their concern is certainly genuine. Disney has been keeping their cards close to their chest, and despite reports of another coffee stand, fans are still wary of the amount of construction.

Muppet Construction at Hollywood Studios
Credit: u/imadgalaxyx on Reddit

r/WaltDisneyWorld is a public reddit forum where Disney fans frequently share their trip plans, tips, and opinions regarding the place where dreams come true. One of the rising posts in their NSFM section demonstrates increasing concerns for the vintage attraction, as big changes might be underway.

Credit: Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea

While most replies to the post suspect that the construction overflowing the Muppets’ area is just to make room for another Joffrey’s stand, some fans don’t believe it should take that much building. As a result, conspiracy theories arise.

u/5centraise writes,

I asked a CM when I was there in July and they wouldn’t tell me. But they gave me a look that suggested it was going to be something a little more exciting than a Joffrey’s. Surely Disney could put up a Joffrey’s kiosk in a matter of days, so I don’t think that’s what it is. Very unimpressive it it is.

And u/CruisinJo214 points out,

“Based on how many muppets were at D23 last week… I’m moderately upset it’s not another location f the best food option in all of Walt Disney World! Another Regal Eagle Smokehouse!!!”

To which u/Stuck_in_a_depo humorously adds,

“If it’s not a Swedish Meatball cart featuring the Swedish Chef then…I don’t know, but herdy gerdy verdy burdy!”

Credit: @suhyuunn

Joking aside, Disney is definitely planning something bigger than your garden-variety coffee stand. If the evidence presented is to be believed, the Muppet Courtyard could look very different in the near future.

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In this writer’s opinion, the attraction itself is still safe from any unwanted alterations, at least for now. With all the changes reportedly coming to Walt Disney World, anything can happen if Disney delivers.

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