Universal CEO Confirms New ‘Harry Potter’ Expansion

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Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger standing together inside the Ministry of Magic at Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort.

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A Universal CEO has officially confirmed an expansion to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A significant CEO is speaking out for the first time in a long time about the status and what guests can expect from Universal’s newest theme park.

Credit: Universal’s Epic Universe

Universal Studios – Epic Universe Coming in 2025

Shortly, folks enjoying their time at Universal Orlando Resort will have even more vacation days to savor with the arrival of their fourth Park. They aim to offer an extended week-long adventure, which some folks playfully call “The Disney Killer” experience. With one year and three months to go, Epic Universe will soon bring forth new horizons for Universal.

New lands will emerge and bring new experiences to guests of all ages. Some of the new lands coming to this theme park will be:

Up to this point, the only land confirmed was SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, which debuted this year at Universal Studios Hollywood in California. No other ground was established up to this point, aside from aerial photos from Bioreconstruct confirming the How To Train Your Dragon Land and Disney and Universal insider Alicia Stella reporting on trademarks and other documentation establishing the ‘Dark Universe’ Universal Classic Monsters land.

Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe, on set of the Harry Potter series
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Comcast CEO Confirms ‘Harry Potter’ Expansion Coming to Epic Universe

In a recent interview, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts confirmed that Epic Universe would get a Harry Potter world as a Wizarding World expansion.

We’re building a magnificent creation. There’s 100 vertical structures, or something like this, going up simultaneously—restaurants, hotels, attractions. Powered by Nintendo. Powered by great franchises that we’ve got, Harry Potter and the like.

– Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

Industry insider and reported Ashley Carter posted the above remarks from the Comcast CEO yesterday afternoon, confirming the rumors that a Wizarding World expansion would arrive at the new theme park in 2025.

Hogwarts at Universal Orlando Resort's Islands of Adventure
Credit: Brian McGowan via Unsplash

There is no confirmation yet on which area will be themed, but rumors and leaks have all but confirmed that the Ministry of Magic will be added, along with some potential for some Fantastic Beasts film series areas to be added as well. But this is all speculation, and Universal has released no further information.

Some updates from May unveiled just how massive and immersive this new theme park will be once fully built. Epic Universe construction crews have used over 20,000 tons of steel, over 85 buildings have been made since May, and over 6,5000 miles of cable have been replaced across the upcoming theme park.

Universal President and COO Karen Irwin had this to say about Epic Universe:

Epic Universe is literally bursting out of the ground, and we are looking forward to its opening. This game-changing, world-class theme park will make Universal Orlando a weeklong vacation destination and the place everyone wants to visit while in Central Florida.

– Universal President and COO Karen Irwin

JK Rowling had a hand in creating the current Wizarding World expansions inside of Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. Diagon Alley opened in 2014, while Hogsmeade opened in 2010. The film series stars are all grown up now and leading beautiful lives. Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and many others joined together for a reunion of the film series in 2021.

Children to this day love watching the movies and reading the books. Whether they want to be a wizard, witch, magical creatures, or characters from the Harry Potter series, the fandom continues to grow. The Dark Arts have come to Diagon Alley as guests can now duel or join forces with a Death Eater inside Universal Studios during select nights of Halloween Horror Nights.

Epic Universe is expected to open to the public in 2025. Follow Inside The Magic for more news and information on Universal and its theme parks.

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