Disney World Moves Forward With New ‘Moana’ Attraction

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Moana standing in front of the entrance sign to Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Inside The Magic

The new Moana attraction coming to EPCOT is moving forward as new previews have been announced for the end of this month into early next month. Here’s what we know.

The character Moana smiling with the Journey of Water, Inpsired by Moana attraction construction zone in the background in an aerial view of EPCOT
Credit: Inside The Magic

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Disney World – Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, Coming Soon to EPCOT

If you haven’t heard, a brand-new attraction experience will come to EPCOT in two to three months. Inspired by Moana, Journey of Water is set to open later this year as a brand-new walk-through attraction for guests of all ages. The walls came down for this upcoming attraction just a few weeks ago.

Sneak peaks have been revealed through cast member previews in July and will also occur this month. WDW Magic revealed that cast member previews would continue through the end of September, with more previews coming for other public members. News has been confirmed today that select guests will soon be able to experience this all-new walk-through attraction.

wide shot of Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney World – Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana

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Annual Passholder Previews to Begin Soon for New ‘Moana’ Attraction

Industry Insider and journalist Scott Gustin reported on social media this morning that Passholder previews for Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, would commence on September 24 through the 29 and then again in October from the 1 through the 4.

Those Annual Passholders looking to attend this exclusive preview event will not have to register. Passholders with a theme park reservation during these days listed above EPCOT will be able to check in and join the standby queue during regular operating hours, subject to the capacity.

A photo frame with Moana inside with a backdrop of Spaceship Earth inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Inside The Magic

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For those unaware of this attraction and what it all entails, here is some quick information from the official Disney World website:

Explore the wonders of water along a lush trail that’s fun for all ages—based on the Disney animated film Moana.

Set off on a laid-back adventure where water springs to life! Wander along an easygoing, self-guided outdoor trail and let yourself be enveloped in the mesmerizing journey of water, from the heavens to the boundless oceans and back again. Here’s what’s in store:

Water Is Your Buddy: Just like Moana’s close bond with the sea, you, too, can connect with water! Relish enchanting encounters with this liquid friend and delve into its playful essence, reminiscent of Moana’s heroic voyage.

Water Links Us All: Water isn’t just a resource; it’s a universal force that ties us to one another and our planet. As you mosey along this path, you’ll naturally forge fresh connections with water and gain insights into the incredible global water cycle, which takes this essential element on a breathtaking journey across our Earth.

Moana standing with a paddle with water behind her as she stands in front of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT
Credit: Inside The Magic

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Water Deserves Our TLC: During your leisurely journey, you’ll unearth ways to pitch in and protect this invaluable natural gem, positively impacting worldwide.

The Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, is set to open in late 2023 within the tranquil haven of World Nature, a part of EPCOT dedicated to preserving the beauty and balance of our natural world. This promises to be a delightful experience.

Whether you’re eager for watery fun or prefer to stay dry, this whimsical aquatic haven caters to all inclinations. Take the plunge or opt for a scenic stroll—it’s entirely your choice as you explore this liquid wonderland!

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