‘Maintenance Nightmare’ Attraction To Be Removed by Universal, Report Claims

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If these rumors are true, Universal Studios is looking to remove an unpopular roller coaster from one of its parks in Orlando sometime soon.

Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit coller coaster inside of Universal Studios Florida
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Universal Studios Suspiciously Removes Large Portion of On-Ride Entertainment – Hinting Towards Complete Removal?

Not too long ago, Universal Orlando Resort broke the news that Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit would eliminate a significant portion of its onboard music selection options for guests, leaving only a handful of songs to choose from when riding this roller coaster. The song list allowed guests to choose from a variety of 30 different songs from various genres before reaching the tophat on the coaster. Now, that list has been reduced to only five songs for guests, further igniting the rumors that Universal wants to remove this ride entirely.

The remaining song choices for guests to choose from are as follows:

  • Classic Rock/Metal: “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance
  • Rap/Hip-Hop: “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar
  • Club/Electronica: “Sandstorm” by Darude
  • Pop/Disco: “Waterloo” by ABBA
  • Country: “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” By Shania Twain
The loop of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida at nighttime
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Where Are These Rumors Coming From?

So you might be wondering, where are these rumors coming from that Universal wants to remove this roller coaster? And why is it an “unpopular” roller coaster? Not too long ago, it was announced that Universal Studios would close down the ride for a refurbishment. That closure was from August 14 through August 18 of last month. No major refurbishments were reported, and the ride is already suffering from having a rough ride experience for most guests. Compared to the other roller coasters at Universal Orlando Resort, this attraction seems to be one of the roughest experiences for those who ride it.

The ride opened in 2009 and was a popular attraction at the time of opening. On event nights inside Universal Studios Florida, the attraction receives long lines as it is conveniently located towards the park entrance, allowing guests to enter to quickly enjoy a thrill ride before continuing on their day inside the park. The complaints are mostly from folks riding the coaster and experiencing rough twists and turns from the aged track that has yet to be updated, along with the lack of updates to the attraction since 2009.

A group of people walking down a street next to a palm tree overlooking Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket at Universal Studios Florida
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So, regarding those rumors. Keep Ridin’ Coasters posted a video on September 1 to their YouTube channel claiming that Universal is eyeing potentially removing Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit entirely. The removal of the extensive list of song choices from the ride is the central focal point of the rumors circulating that Universal could remove this attraction entirely sometime soon.

The video posted above goes into the roughness and discombobulation of the ride, which gives guests headaches and makes them dizzy. The passage also experiences lots of downtime and refurbishments that ultimately do not address the main problem with this coaster. These tracks need updating for a smooth experience for guests.

The folks in the video above also mention how Universal’s Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is a “maintenance nightmare” for the Universal employees and mechanics who work on the coaster. Keep Ridin’ Coasters! mentions how they do not believe this ride will be available past 2030, which is only seven years from now, as Universal might look into replacing this attraction entirely.

Guests upside down while riding Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
Credit: Universal

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It should be noted that when Universal intends to keep a coaster, they will spend their time and money replacing the tracks and ensuring a positive guest experience. Revenge of the Mummy closed for nine months before reopening with an all-new track that made the ride smooth and clean. Over at Islands of Adventure, Universal replaced Dueling Dragons Roller Coaster with Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Universal also re-tracked the entire Incredible Hulk coaster as well.

Time will tell on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit as we look to the future and discover what Universal plans to do with this ride. New lands and experiences continue to be built and opened at Universal Orlando Resort. Epic Universe is just one year and three months away from opening. It could be mentioned that after the opening of Epic Universe, Universal will focus its efforts on potentially removing Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.

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