Beloved Disneyland Cats Missing Amid Brutal Heat Wave

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A cat sitting on a rock

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The Disneyland cats are some of the longest residents of Disneyland Resort. They made themselves at home during the construction of Disneyland Park, walking the same now iconic roads as Walt Disney.

Imagineers quickly realized the utility of feral felines at the Disney Parks. Rodents – other than Mickey Mouse – enjoyed gnawing on the scraps of food and other garbage left by Disneyland Resort guests… But the cats enjoyed feasting on them even more!

For decades, Disneyland cats have served as the primary form of pest control at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. They’re now so iconic that they inspired an Instagram account with 128 thousand followers. Disney Cast Members name many of the furry friends, who can often be spotted lounging in quiet, fenced-off areas.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park
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Unfortunately, some Disneyland Resort guests are concerned about the beloved feral cats. A fan-favorite, Snickers, hasn’t been spotted at her usual hangouts near Grizzly River Run and Soarin’ at Disney California Adventure.

“Is it just too hot out for our favorite Disney cat?” Reddit user u/DaHandyMan15 asked other Disneyland Resort fans. “We’ve been here a couple times this summer and haven’t seen them hanging around their favorite spot between Grizzly River Run and Soarin’. Just wanted to ask if anyone has seen them around or if they are ok.”

“I haven’t seen either of them during my visits over the last year,” u/TheRealMcDuck replied. “The last time I saw them, one came over for some pets and love, and was basically skin and bones. These are, unfortunately, kitties in an advanced age. I hope they’re both being taken care of.”

One of many Disneyland cats next to a popcorn bucket.
Credit: Inside the Magic

Many Disney Parks fans blamed the brutal heat and recent unpredictable weather – such as a rare Southern California hurricane – for the cats’ absence.

“I haven’t seen her – but it has been hot hot,” said u/stellalunawitchbaby. “I haven’t seen many of the reliable kitties (the white one by the winery, for example, or I can usually find 2-3 at the Disneyland hotel). I do think it’s just too warm for them during the day, and then by the time they creep out in the evening when it finally cools off, they’re harder to spot and more active.”

“I saw Snickers on my last visit on 5/1, but it do be hot,” u/tabbicus agreed. “Especially for fluffy Maine Coons.”

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