Disney Parks and Features Using 5G With High “Ionizing Radiation”

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Disney and 5G technology

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Disney and 5G technology have a rich symbiotic history. While 5G tech develops, Disney World and Disney+ offer the necessary testing infrastructure.

Universal Orlando Experiences Technical Outages
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Disney and 5G: What it Means

Disney and 5G might have ties but extend beyond the Magic Kingdom or HBO Max. 5G is a tech developed as a wireless communication device for broad uses, including faster performance, better streaming, and a valuable incentive for a Disney bundle.

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How 5G Works

Per the FCC, it relies on radio frequencies (RF) that use “cells” as base stations to cover a geographic area, like Walt Disney World. Its predecessors include 3G and 4G, though experts say that the radiofrequency it uses is “higher than previous iterations.”

Though its RF level is higher than previous iterations, it is determined insufficient to preclude the use of the tech at Disney or elsewhere. It still leaves many concerned about the tech’s implications.

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Disney and 5G Safety Concerns

According to the California-based Anaheim Health Safety Department, the FCC sets the regulations for RF radiation safety. Anaheim is where you can find Disneyland or Walt Disney Studios.

Still, the standards hold in any part of the United States because it’s the federal body regulating intake advisements. Disney is well-known for using controversial technology, and California is far from the only place Disney and 5G collaborate.

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Walt Disney Studios, Disney+, and Disney Parks

For example, Disney Hollywood Studios relies on technology for processing speed. Because of the sheer number of attendees at Walt Disney World, it demands high-grade tech, meaning 5G.

AT&T has 5G connections in the Magic Kingdom and one of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom. Verizon is another company with access to the “cells” alongside T-Mobile. It offers the ultra capacity that United States visitors and residents have come to expect.

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5G Remains Highly Contentious

From ugly lawsuits where Huawei files a lawsuit over its 5G equipment provisions, Disney battles to keep it viable in partnerships with companies like Airtel. It’s offering unlimited 5G network data with a free Disney+ Hotstar subscription.

It helps Disney CEO Bob Iger amid the subscription streaming wars and allows emerging technologies like 5G innovation to provide more valuable experiences at Disney Parks and remote locations.

The consensus is that 5G can improve technological performance, including streaming, accessing data at Disney parks, and contacting loved ones. However, long-term safety implications remain unknown since it emerged fewer than five years ago.

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