DeSantis Makes Enemies Out of Disney Firefighters

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Disney firefighters got perks stripped, left firefighter with hose, right is fire with Disney logo

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It appears that Ron DeSantis has a new enemy: Disney firefighters.

Disney World Firefighters Quarantined
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Disney and DeSantis

The “woke” wars between DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company have caused collateral damage by way of investor concern, public perception, and Disney Park attendance. It began with the Reedy Creek Improvement District. At one point, Disney firefighters were on the governor’s side. Times changed.

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Ron DeSantis speaking, edited to look like he is in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort.
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Disney World Firefighters Speak Out

The new Reedy Creek Improvement District board removed Disney World’s autonomy from the zone. It instead went to a board where DeSantis appointees make the calls. However, after the new Reedy Creek board stripped the Disney World firefighter force of its perks, it caused a lot of anger.

According to news reports, Disney World and the Reedy Creek firefighter force are changing teams. This comes after they were stripped of their free passes to Disney World and any other attraction. Disney firefighters have enjoyed the perks for decades.

Ron DeSantis scared at Cinderella Castle amid his conflict against Disney
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Reedy Creek Firefighter Union Speaks Out

According to the spokesperson for the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters Local 2117 union, the Disney firefighters are having some second thoughts. It went so far as firefighters confronting the new Reedy Creek Board at a meeting to discuss the grievances.

Ron DeSantis speaks in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. Fear, from Pixar's 'Inside Out,' looks on anxiously.
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Walt Disney World Firefighters and Perks

“The removal of this benefit takes away, for some, their entire reason for working here,” says Pete Simon, a firefighter in the Walt Disney World and Reedy Creek area.

The issues with firefighters are concerning because they represent an essential part of the safety of any Walt Disney World guest. It’s the most recent symptom in the battle between Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company.

Reedy Creek Fire Department
Credit: Reedy Creek Fire Department

Collateral Damage in Fight Between DeSantis and Disney Supporters

After the Disney firefighters confronted the DeSantis Reedy Creek Board, it showed a clear escalation of the issue. It started as an issue with the theme park opposing the “Don’t Say Gay” (now law). This impacted Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Florida as a whole.

Yet it appears that as Reedy Creek moves forward with the new board, those protecting the improvement district are less content. The same is true for many of the LGBTQIA+ community who feel marginalized at the Walt Disney Park.

The Reedy Creek Fire Department is the most recent facet of the battle between DeSantis and Disney, showing that the changes aren’t helping Walt Disney World fans, but rather marginalizing increasing numbers of influential groups, like everyday heroes: firefighters.

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