Disney World To Host Largest LGBTQ Summit

in Walt Disney World

People holding a balloon sign of Disney celebrating "Change". People in the background in front of Disney World Castle.

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You might be able to take over Disney’s Reedy Creek, DeSantis, but you can’t stop the pro-LGBTQ convention coming to the Walt Disney World Resort this September.

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Disney Parks are no strangers to conventions; their Resorts can hold thousands of visitors in their conference rooms and corporate event space. For the past few years, Disneyland has hosted “Gay Day,” a conference for the LGBTQ community in the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa.

This year’s “Gay Day” dates at Disneyland were announced last year, but more recently, the dates for Out & Equal’s workplace summit have been announced, and the Walt Disney World Resort is hosting.

Gay Day at Disneyland
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According to the site, the event’s description: “the annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit is the largest LGBTQ+ conference in the world, with more than 5,000 attendees every year. It brings together executives, ERG leaders and members, HR and DEI professionals, and experts working for LGBTQ+ equality. Over more than 20 years, Summit has become the preferred place to network and share strategies that create inclusive workplaces where everyone belongs, and LGBTQ+ employees can be out and thrive.”

The convention will last from September 11 through September 14. Big company names such as Apple, McDonald’s, and Amazon will sponsor the event.

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The Summit is taking place after Disney’s debacle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who took over the Reedy Creek district and regained control of the company’s self-governed powers as retaliation for Disney’s disagreement with the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Whether Disney is hosting the event as an aimed rebuttal to the Governor is up for debate, but seeing how Disney Resorts have hosted LGBTQ events in the past, the timing may just be coincidental.

“Gay Day” at Disneyland and “Out & Equal Workplace Summit” at Disney World will occur in September. Still, you can undoubtedly expect Disney Parks to do something special for the LGBTQ community in June, officially Pride Month.

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