Former President Trump Calls DeSantis’ Disney Feud ‘Hoax’

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Inside The Magic has been commenting on the battle between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Walt Disney World for the past few weeks, and now former President Trump has something to say on the matter as well.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis giving a speech
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When you mention Disney, most people’s first thoughts don’t go straight to politics. But in the last year, Walt Disney World has entangled itself in state politics more than ever. 

In a chain of events that we’re all too familiar with, the DeSantis’ state takeover of Disney Park could be traced back to when Disney “paused” all political donations to Florida as a response to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This caused a domino effect which recently resulted in the Governor seizing the board for Disney World properties.

In February, the Governor stated in a bill signing ceremony, “ the corporate kingdom finally comes to an end.”


Now that DeSantis has effectively gained control of the Walt Disney governing board, the “new sheriff in town” will be focusing on accountability for the company. And while this seems like a win for the Republican chief of state, Former President Trump believes it’s all a “hoax.”

“Ron DeSanctimonious caved in his public relations-inspired battle with Disney,” wrote Trump on his Truth Social platform this past Sunday.

“That’s the only reason he went after them in the first place, to show Mr. Tough Guy,” he said. The potential 2024 rival of DeSantis even believes that the Florida Governor and Disney  “probably worked together to make him look like a fighter.”

Trump and DeSantis
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For those unaware, DeSanctimonious is Trump’s flimsy and unpopular nickname for the Governor that he coined last year. It has long been known that the Former President sees Desantis as a contender for next year’s election and therefore identifies him as a threat.

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If Trump’s theory is to be believed, the DeSantis/Disney battle is nothing more than a ploy to make the Governor of Florida look like a man of action. Trump has always believed that the system is “rigged,” but is this comment nothing more than a jealous rant?

The former President’s supporters may take every word he says to heart, but no evidence proves the feud between the state and the company is all a ruse. For now, Trump’s response to the Disney issues in Florida is just “fake news,” and perhaps he should be focusing more on getting DeSantis to move his animatronic in The Hall of Presidents closer to the front.

Do you think the battle between Disney and Florida Governor could be a hoax? Let Inside The Magic know in the comments. 

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