Warner Bros. Wants To Interrupt Movies with News Bulletins

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It seems every week or month, Warner Bros. Discovery makes a bizarre new decision. The latest comes from the HBO app, Max, testing a strange new way to deliver ads. Max will reportedly start rolling out a new function that sends CNN news alerts to screens during movies and shows.

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Ads being shown on streaming apps is nothing new, as every single company does so to generate ad revenue for the respective company. However, those ads are also timed in a way shown on the screen so audiences know when to expect them. Also, the ads pause the movie and have their own screen time; they do not interject right into the property.

Every company uses ad space to garner more revenue, so we understand ads jumping through shows and movies, especially for those who don’t pay for the ad-free options of streaming services. However, audiences have never had to deal with news bulletins flying across the screen while attempting to watch their favorite programs.

Imagine being in a movie theater, and suddenly, a giant ad races across the screen. We would imagine that most people would be plenty upset.

Max Will Reportedly Show CNN Ads During Movies and Shows

Per @CultureCrave:

Max is going to test CNN news alerts while users are watching movies and TV shows

Culture Crave has posted the news on their Twitter (X) page, which shows what these injecting ads might look like. The Batman (2022) is on screen, but a glaring CNN marquee is at the bottom. While this might not be exactly what Warner Bros. plans to do, it could look similar.

CNN has an iconic red and white banner when it presents its top stories, so this is not far off what audiences could see if this report is accurate. Even though ad space is used in various ways for streamers, this CNN ad would certainly be an eye-sore that many people will not be happy about.

This will be especially horrible if anyone watches a foreign film or uses the CC function on the apps to see the dialogue through subtitles. Depending on how long these CNN ads last, the movie would have to be paused for audiences to continue reading the dialogue as intended.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has come under fire over the past six months, which has everything to do with the “cost-cutting” ventures he has enacted since taking over the company. He canceled Batgirl, which was near completion, drawing the ire of many DC fans.

The company also began to cut through its content by a large margin, removing many fan-favorite shows and movies from the platform. He was also booed at a commencement speech during the WGA strike, as many have criticized Warner Bros. for not fairly paying writers.

Adding CNN banners to movies and shows while audiences are watching just to make some money will not go over well. Zaslav might be dooming the Max app with this move.

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More recently, he has been in the news about being upset that many people don’t like him and how he has been “vilified” due to the industry strikes. For a CEO to make millions of dollars per year and not understand why the typical worker doesn’t like him is not very self-aware.

Either way, if Warner Bros. does move forward with this ad plan for CNN, millions of people might drop the app from their lives. We certainly would not blame them.

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