Warner Bros Forces Controversial David Zaslav Article to Be Deleted

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David Zaslav Credit: Warner Bros Discovery

In a surprisingly forceful move, the giant media conglomerate Warner Bros Discovery has objected to a GQ Magazine article highly critical of its controversial CEO David Zaslav, and, in an equally surprising response, the magazine has quickly complied without explanation to its readers.

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It is unusual for a publication with the clout of GQ, which has existed in some form since 1931 and had a circulation of nearly a million as of 2019, to take down an article simply because the subject matter objected. However, Warner Bros Discovery apparently did not feel David Zaslav was fairly represented in the article, which pretty much described the last several months of his tenure as CEO.

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In a statement to Deadline, the Conde Nast-owned magazine stated that “A piece published by GQ on Monday was not properly edited before going live… After a revision was published, the writer of the piece asked to have their byline removed, at which point GQ decided to unpublish the piece in question. GQ regrets the editorial error that led to a story being published before it was ready.”

Notably, the statement does not say what edits were required, and notably, does not actually say that there were any factual errors or corrections (only that there was an “editorial error”).

For its part, Warner Bros Discovery says: “The freelance reporter made no attempt to reach out to Warner Bros. Discovery to fact-check the substance of the piece before publishing — a standard practice for any reputable news outlet… As is also standard practice, we contacted the outlet and asked that numerous inaccuracies be corrected. In the process of doing so, the editors ultimately decided to pull the piece.”

Once again, it does not state what inaccuracies were in the article, why the swift edits were not sufficient correction (as actually is standard practice in reporting), and that it mostly sounds like the company expects that any journalist writing about Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav needs to check with it first. Take that as one may.

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Of course, it could have been the subject matter of the now-deleted article (which, as one could expect from the Internet, was swiftly archived and screenshotted), which described David Zaslav as “Public Enemy Number One in Hollywood.”

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Credit: DC Studios/Warner Bros.

The article exhaustively listed the numerous controversies surrounding David Zaslav since he became CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, following the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc. Some of those include the decision to permanently shelve nearly-completed projects like Batgirl (allegedly for tax reasons), massive removals of streaming content like the critically acclaimed Westworld and Sesame Street, the rocky transition from the prestige streaming service HBO Max (which had its own problems, but moving on) to Max and its controversial, still-uncorrected listing of all individuals in films and TV series as “creators.” Then there was the threat to shut down Turner Classic Movies, the selling of its catalog to rival streamers, and much more.

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On a more personal note, there was Warner Bros Discovery’s CEO David Zaslav’s commencement speech at Boston University, where he was booed and heckled by graduating students over the above issues and his role in the ongoing Writer’s Guild of America strike. That one had to sting.


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