Dwayne Johnson’s Hit Series Will Move to Netflix in Historic HBO Deal

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Yesterday we reported that a mega deal was being completed, sending HBO original scripted content to Netflix. Warner Bros. Discovery has been making all kinds of deals, and this will be the first time since 2014 that HBO content will be made available on a rival streamer. While Insecure was the first show listed to be moving, that will be joined by another hit show starring Dwayne Johnson.

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Warner Bros. Discovery has been in the headlines plenty, as CEO David Zaslav has made it a point to make moves that have been highly criticized. However, he is trying to get the company out of a debt situation that involves a staggering sum of $49.5 billion but making moves that all have questioned.

One of those moves was to practically gut the entire staff of TCM (Turner Classic Movies), which sparked outrage among some of the most prominent filmmakers in the world. Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorses, and Paul Thomas Anderson had to have an “emergency” call with Zaslav, which included one on one conversations and group efforts. Zaslav was willing to dump properties and departments, so there was widespread worry. Even Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to announce he joined the fight to preserve TCM.

Zaslav’s decision to license scripted content to other platforms is likely a two-pronged effort to cut expenses and turn a profit. Warner Bros. is also searching for a buyer for half its publishing assets.

Though these moves turn Zaslav into a literal villain, the silver lining is that great programs will not move to Netflix. On top of Insecure, The Pacific, Six Feet Under, and Band of Brothers all moving in this historic deal—Dwayne Johnson will also be moving his series there.

The Hit Dwayne Johnson ‘Ballers’ Series Will Move to Netflix

During the explosion of Dwayne Johnson in the world, he had a hit script series on HBO called Ballers, which ran from 2015 to 2019. The series follows Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a retired NFL player who chooses to represent current players as a financial manager. The series ran for five seasons before being canceled by HBO.

Johnson has spoken fondly of the show many times and practically always wished it could continue in some manner. Now that it is moving to Netflix, there could be a possibility that it can happen. There have been plenty of instances in shows get moved to a new streaming company or network and end up being able to receive additional seasons or some sort of tie-in movie. Though Dwayne Johnson is massively busy, we could see Ballers return in some small way.

The most logical step would be to make a Ballers movie that brings back Johnson and the recurring characters from the show.

What Does This Mean for Additional HBO Shows on Netflix?

Interestingly, this also means the additional HBO shows could find new life on Netflix, though we are unsure how deep these licensing rights go. 

The Pacific was a complement series to Band of Brothers, which showed WWII from the side of the war in the Pacific Ocean. There is also an additional sequel series called Masters of the Air, which will be released sometime later this year.

Considering both The Pacific and Band of Brothers are moving to Netflix, this sequel series might also be made available to Netflix. This is huge news for those who cannot or will not add Max to their growing streaming service bills.

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At the very least, Dwayne Johnson will have his Ballers series reach an even bigger audience, and once that might push the hit series into new territory. Though nothing is guaranteed, Johnson could work his magic to get a new movie made following one of his best characters.

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