Batgirl Star Hints the Canceled Movie Could Be Released “One Day”

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Leslie Grace as Batgirl in the canceled DC movie

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

Before James Gunn and Peter Safran took over as Co-CEOs of the DC Films division, the current CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery (David Zaslav) was hired. During his first few months, the controversial CEO began to cut costs by canceling many titles under the WBD banner. One of the most significant cuts was Batgirl, which was unceremoniously canned, even though it had been finished. Now, the star of the DC feature hinted at it being released one day.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl
Credit: Leslie Grace/Instagram

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It has appeared that DC has been in flux since the days of Zack Snyder and his SnyderVerse. That is the biggest reason that Gunn and Safran were brought on board, so there could be some semblance of a plan to elevate the rival Marvel company out of mediocrity finally. However, canceling Batgirl was a move that confused and upset many people.

What made matters worse is that it was set to be the acting comeback for Brendan Fraser, who was set to take on the role of the villainous Firefly. Fraser did make a big return to acting in The Whale, which landed him a huge Best Actor win at the Academy Awards. Had he returned first in Batgirl, who knows what that press would have done for Batgirl?

Michael Keaton was also set to return as Batman, though he is doing so in The Flash. But again, had he returned in Batgirl, it might have allowed the film to turn into a blockbuster hit.

Either way, Zaslav decided to cut costs, and the DC feature was part of the mass exodus of titles taken off of HBO Max (Now, Max). The cancelation arguably hurt the film’s star, Leslie Grace. She was set to lead her first superhero movie, which could have tied into many DCU titles down the line.

Still, she has hope that the movie will eventually be released.

Leslie Grace Says “One Day” to ‘Batgirl’ Being Released

Leslie Grace as Batgirl next to Firefly
Credit: Leslie Grace via Instagram

When Batgirl was canceled, David Zaslav made it seem like the copies of the film were burned out of existence. However, a likelier situation is that the final product was placed under lock and key not to be pirated or released to the public.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed Leslie Grace about Latino representation, especially now that Sasha Calle is set to debut as Supergirl in The Flash. Naturally, she was asked about the cancellation of Batgirl and if she thinks it could somehow be released.

According to Grace, “Maybe one day the movie will be seen. This experience has shown me that sometimes certain things happen in order for you to feel the importance and the value of your own voice. So I’m definitely keeping that in mind for the future.”

The person closest to the project would presumably know more about the potential of its release, so we hope that the “one day” comment that Leslie Grace is alluding to can happen. Her response does offer hope, especially considering the world is under the impression that Batgirl is deleted forever.

Batgirl doesn’t need to be connected to the overall DCU, which would be fine. Fans of Batman and all his sidekicks and cohorts would love to see the movie just be released as a token of tremendous fan service. We could be happy just seeing Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons, and Brendan Fraser on screen together.

Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash trailer
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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Still, Leslie Grace has offered some hope regarding the DC feature one day being released. We certainly hope her words hint at that possibility.

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