Warner Bros Discovery CEO Harassed During Commencement Speech At Boston University

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A photo of WGA strikers in front of Fox studios, May 2023

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No one said running a company is easy, which is certainly true for current Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. He had the tall task of giving a commencement speech at Boston University amid the current WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) strike. Naturally, students in the crowd let Zaslav have it, as the man had to stop his speech at different intervals while being hit with chants that said, “Pay your writers.” Zaslav has been in the news lately, especially after it was revealed that he had made a staggering $246.1 million since 2011. That figure is a combination of stock options and salary, though those numbers being displayed will certainly not help his case when writers are not getting fair pay.

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David Zaslav attempts to state that getting along with “difficult people” is a part of success, but his words are drowned out by the heavy chants of “Pay your writers.” Zaslav initially looks dejected but cleverly says, “Some people are looking for a fight.” We imagine his being there upset many people, though he handled the criticism well. The cheers and boos from the crowd weren’t the only things the man had to deal with as an airplane flew above the commencement speech.

Someone paid for a plane to circle the event with an airplane towing a message in big red letters that read, “David Zaslav – Pay Your Writers.” The WGA knew that Warner Bros. CEO would be delivering a speech and used that to get the word out about the ongoing strike occurring amongst the writers of show business.

Even during David Zaslav’s initial introduction, the crowd erupts in boos as he takes the stage. While being booed by the crowd, Zaslav maintains his composure. There is nowhere the man can hide, especially from a crowd of students that want their voices to be heard.

Many unions showed up in full force to Boston University to protest David Zaslav and Warner Bros not allowing fair pay. Though we imagine the heckling was coming from students in the crowd, the many protestors that showed up are likely those that also engaged in the massive amount of voices heard during Zaslav’s speech.

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David Zaslav told CNBC he believed he could find a way around the writer’s strike, claiming, “We all came into this business because we love storytelling. … That’s what’s going to bring us together.” Despite his good-natured response to the strike, it is now entering its fourth week, with no end in sight. Hopefully, things can be agreed upon soon, and the WGA can reach a new agreement for the foreseeable future.

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