Walt Disney World Nightmare: Hurricane Meets Infestation

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Walt Disney World magic doesn’t exactly scream hurricane and infestation. But reports from experts show that the plague and the hurricane can work together to make a perfect storm of pests in Florida.

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Florida Walt Disney World Sees Hurricane Impacts

Ordinarily, a hurricane and infestation are two separate issues. Pests in one box, weather in another. Yet recent reports show that when the two meet, serious concerns arise. As the tropical storm makes its way to Florida, it brings with it inherent risks (iconic of hurricane season). This water feature doesn’t fit with the Walt Disney World dream, and appropriate shutdowns are in place.

Heimlich’s Chew-Chew Train and Hopper from It's Tough to be a Bug, forgotten Disneyland attractions, in front of Avengers Campus
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Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Leave Lasting Impressions

The world remembers Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ian draws quick associations of water damage and the worst of a tropical storm. Yet as the Sunshine State preps for the inevitable, its newest concern lies in the impacts of the weather event on pest infestation. The storm can apparently worsen the situation with the pine tree insects, along with issues related to mosquitoes.

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Disney Mosquitoes
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When a Hurricane and Infestation Meet, Experts Weigh In

After a recent insect infestation caught governmental attention for the pests in the area, many Walt Disney World Florida fans took notice. It is a unique pests situation, where instead of mosquitoes and human-illness risk, the root of the pests issue lies in tree beetles. These natural, yet cumbersome, pests make symbiotic homes in lichen, growing on Florida’s trees.

Tropical Storm Nicole 2022
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Risks of the Pine Tree Beetle Infestation

They might not transmit West Nile, but the pine tree beetle pests happen to feed on wood, the same thing that most Walt Disney World rides are made out of. Combining the effects of debris caused by storms and issues with insect infestation can cause issues that experts say are “more prevalent after heavy rainfall and high wind.”

Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort after a rainstorm
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How Hurricanes Make Things Worse

Standing water becomes active, and pests take to the wind, as the tropical storm blows mosquitoes and larvae (plus a host of debris) all about. The result is a giant mess for humans and the opportunity for pests to find a new home and host. With the ongoing concerns about infestations in Disney Parks, the risk of shutdown increases in tandem with the pests that riddle the area.

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