Tom Hanks’ Most Ridiculous Character is Reportedly Joining Universal Studios

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Tom Hanks Cast Away

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Universal Studios is known for its film-centric rides and events, especially when it comes to its annual Halloween Horror Nights events. The yearly scare event has revealed some mazes, including adaptations of The Last of Us, Chucky, and The Exorcist. On top of the horror films turned into mazes, Tom Hanks will reportedly be part of the festivities.

Tom Hanks
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Tom Hanks is arguably one of the most talented actors in the world, but the man can certainly laugh at himself. During a sketch on Saturday Night Live in 2016, Hanks joined the fan-favorite sketch comedy series for their Halloween episode as a host, and he presented a character named David S. Pumpkins.

His first appearance was confusing and hilarious at the same time. SNL delivered a sketch by Cast Members Mikey Day, Bobby Moynihan, and Streeter Seidel. During the sketch, SNL had actors on a ride called 100 Floors of Frights, which is already a rip-off of the Disneyland favorite, Tower of Terror. During the sketch, Beck Bennett and Kate McKinnon join the ride and are initially scared by the elevator opening and showcasing some rather scary characters.

Though they were initially jumping from the ride, Bennett and McKinnon’s characters become confused when seeing David S. Pumpkins and his dancing skeletons. They immediately start to question how they are supposed to be scary. The excitement returns to scares before Pumpkins again appears and dances with his skeletons.

The sketch became a viral sensation, and Tom Hanks eventually returned to reprise his role as David S. Pumpkins during the Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live in 2022. Jack Harlow was the host and was joined by Ego Nwodim and Andrew Dismukes on a ride called Cellblock 666. Once again, Pumpkins confused the riders, who kept asking what franchise he was even from.

Hanks’ return as David S. Pumpkins was another huge hit, and it led to the character being used in a stage show for Halloween Horror Nights, which was based on Bill & Ted.

A new rumor has now popped up indicating that David S. Pumpkins will return to Halloween Horror Nights, but this time as a permanent fixture for the Peacock’s Halloween Horror Bar at Universal Studios Orlando event. Fans are already going wild for the announcement.

Tom Hanks Ridiculous Character Returns for Halloween Horror Nights

The rumor about David S. Pumpkins struck Twitter, with many fans begging to see the ridiculous character and his skeletons dancing the night away.

Though we are unsure if this means Tom Hanks could appear as the character for the Theme Park, at least everyone will get to laugh hysterically at David Pumpkins’ intentionally corny antics.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure was the stage show where David Pumpkins appeared last, but it was just a short cameo. It does look as though the actor on stage looks like Tom Hanks.

The draw for David S. Pumpkins is causing some people to question their priorities. We would buy a ticket to HHN just to see the Pumpkins man ask us, “Any questions?”

Again, we are unsure if Tom Hanks will shock fans with an appearance as the character, but it could be either a blowout cameo for the opening of HHN at Universal Orlando or as part of their final night. It would be hilarious to see the Academy Award-winning actor return to his most iconic role.

tom hanks as david pumkins
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It is not often that a sketch from Saturday Night Live takes on a life of its own in the way that David S. Pumpkins has. The character has achieved a cult following and has gone viral several times. Though many consider Forrest Gump to be Hanks’s best character, we think David. S. Pumpkins might be the most ridiculous and impactful.

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