New Marvel Dessert Items Revealed to Guests by Spider-Man

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU has left an indelible 15-year impact on the film industry. They have created a continuous growing collection of projects that currently stands at 32 feature films, nine TV series, and three special presentations. Marvel’s movie properties alone have generated a staggering $29.5 billion for Disney. Besides constructing some of the biggest franchises in cinematic history, the lore of the MCU would become so prolific that even small moments in their movies or shows would develop a passionate fanbase. The best example of this can be found at the Disneyland Resort.

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Avengers Campus has been the newest land added to Disney California Adventure (DCA) since June 2021. Even though it is not the largest area at the Disneyland Resort, it distinguishes itself from other lands by having a massive roster of characters guests can interact with at the Park. They showcase multiple foundational heroes each day, such as Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. Marvel Studios has also craftily teamed-up with the Disney Parks to introduce new characters with each release of a new Marvel project.

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In addition, this Avengers HQ has become the embodiment of Marvel references only fans will appreciate. For example, Marvel’s The Avengers included a one-off line from Tony Stark suggesting to eat shawarma with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This line was then paid off when one of the end scene credits comically depicted the exhausted super team sitting a shawarma shop. This random moment would become a celebrated callback that would result in Avengers Campus actually selling shawarma from a cart in the heart of the area.

Shawarma Palace at Avengers Campus
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Then, the new hit musical performance at the Hyperion Theater, “Rogers: The Musical,” was based on a ridiculous, yet hysterical musical number that debuted in Hawkeye on Disney+. This self-aware, ‘Hamilton‘-style sequence and its infectious song, “I Can Do This All Day” developed a cult following. Countless memes, social media posts, and fan reactions later, D23 Expo 2022 announced that the overwhelming fan reception led to the decision to bring this musical parody adjacent to Avengers Campus.

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Now, even Marvel heroes are making deep-cut references that have been entertaining guests. Two Disney Guests recently asked the famous Wall-Crawler what his favorite “Infinity Conez” ice cream flavor was and his response shocked his interviewers:


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As much as Disney should unveil desserts like — Walnut Web-Slinger, Shang-Cheesecake, Marsh Mjolnir, Black Cherry Widow, and Loki Lime Pie, these Marvel sweet treats were only clever creations from the Web-Head.

Even more impressive was that the question and answer were rooted from a “blink and miss it” shot in Thor: Love & Thunder where a quick montage of New Asgard revealed a town center. One shop stood out among the rest with the sign, “Infinity Conez,” which displayed Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet holding an ice cream cone.

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While there is no current working reproduction of this shop in development, Disney Imagineers should make it a reality. If a shawarma cart and “Rogers: The Musical” can have a place at (or near) Avengers Campus, so should a place were guests can order a Blackberry Panther.

Would you like to see an “Infinity Conez” at Avengers Campus? Where should they put it?

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