Guests Spot Secret Marvel Character at Disney Park

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Avengers Campus has been the newest land added to Disney California Adventure (DCA) since June 2021. Even though it is not the largest area at the Disneyland Resort, it distinguishes itself from other lands by having a massive roster of characters guests can interact with at the park. They showcase multiple foundational heroes each day, such as Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. Marvel Studios has also craftily teamed-up with the Disney parks to introduce new characters with each release of a new Marvel project. Each new Marvel persona is usually promoted via social media before their appearance, but a new Marvel character has secretly made their presence known at DCA.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

Marvel’s latest project has been Secret Invasion that is currently streaming on Disney+. The series stars Marvel alum, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, along with other A-list actors like Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke and Ben Mendelsohn. The show’s release has coincided with Avengers Campus assembling a grizzled Nick Fury to train guests in the art of espionage in a new interactive experience. Fury bestows acute insights, observations and incomparable wisdom to any future hero that wants to protect the Earth, fight snakes on a plane, or avoid being amputated by a disgruntled Jedi.

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Humor aside, a new character has been spotted in the park. They have stealthily entered the Hyperion theater as a Disney cast member. Guests were shocked to see a shape-shifting alien, known as a Skrull, acting as a usher for the “Rogers: The Musical” show. The morphing extraterrestrial must have forgotten to take a human form as it turned the heads of anyone who viewed them.


Credit: @scottgustin on Twitter


The Skrulls are characters from Marvel Comics who were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They made their first appearance in Fantastic Four #2 (1961), then reappeared with more mythology in Fantastic Four #18 (1963). These green-skinned reptilian aliens have the power to shapeshift into any individual they see or touch. They were once a great warrior species that sought to conquer the galaxy.

Skrull as various Marvel superheroes in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Comics

Their most recognized comic book run dealt with a radical faction of Skrulls who would go on to attempt to take over the world as the dominant species in a secret invasion, hence the name of the show. The comic series of the same name captivated readers who tried to guess which of their favorite Marvel heroes were originals or replace by the Skrulls.

While Secret Invasion is currently one of the lowest watched Marvel shows, this character addition is a brilliant way to hook more potential viewers. Even more clever is having the Skrull pose as a cast member encouraging guests to watch “Rogers: The Musical,” which is on a supposed limited run at the Hyperion Theater.

Secret Invasion debuts a new episode every Wednesday on Disney+.

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