Marvel Show Reportedly So Bad It Was Almost Canceled

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Marvel Studios announced back in February that several of their projects were expected to be delayed for Disney Plus. One of those projects is the upcoming TV series, Echo. Kevin Feige originally stated at 2022 San Diego Comic-Con that the Hawkeye spin-off would be released in the Summer of 2023. Yet, when Bob Iger resumed as CEO, many Disney projects were pushed in a new cost-cutting approach.

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While delays can affect a film project’s budget, social media buzz and momentum, it is not always an indicator that the production’s quality is doomed. However, a recent interview with former stunt coordinator, Chris Brewster, has stated that Echo is bad and was considered to be shelved as a tax write-off like the notorious Batgirl film.

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Brewster has worked as a stuntman and coordinator on several Marvel projects, most notably Netflix’s Daredevil. He elaborated on his statements on the Ikuzo Unscripted podcast by claiming, “Echo isn’t out yet, but I’ve heard it is just as bad.” Brewster continued, “I’d heard they were going to “Batgirl” it because they weren’t happy with it, and now they’re doing reshoots and they’re planning on airing it, but I think that could also do with the fact that there’s a strike, and there’s a lot of content right now.”

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His comments are not gospel to the end result, but his candid response as someone aware of the inside trials of this production does not bode well for series’ debut. Echo is slated for a November 29, 2023 release date as of now. The show will be taking a different tactic by presenting all eight episodes in their entirety. This is not an indicator towards the quality of the latest Marvel project, but it is an unusual strategy to say the least.

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Marvel fans will have to wait until then to see the anti-hero, Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) aka Echo as she returns home to reconnect with her Native American heritage and embrace a new path with her uncanny abilities and fierce fighting prowess.

What do you think about these recent comments? Is Marvel fatigue inevitable like Thanos?

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