Mysterious ‘Star Wars’ Character Could Be Hiding in Plain Sight

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Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren in 'Star Wars Rebels'

Credit: Lucasfilm

This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka and Star Wars Rebels. 

The first two episodes of Ahsoka have dropped on Disney+, bringing more information about where everyone’s favorite heroes have been since the end of Star Wars Rebels. One of the biggest questions and mysteries that ties the first two episodes together is where Ezra Bridger is. He has been missing since his sacrifice in Rebels, but the franchise could be hiding the Jedi in plain sight.

star wars rebels
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Ezra Bridger became a huge fan-favorite character from Star Wars Rebels, even more so because of his selfless act to stop Thrawn at the show’s end. Ezra found himself in a challenging situation when he finally confronted Thrawn on his Star Destroyer. Using his Force abilities and with the help of the space-traversing whales known as purrgil, Ezra helped to save Lothal.

The issue is that with Ezra holding back the many stormtroopers rushing the bridge of the Star Destroyer and his other hand holding Thrawn in place, he was along for the ride. The purrgil made their leap to hyperspace, taking Thrawn and Ezra to the deepest reaches of space.

However, a few years have passed since Star Wars Rebels took place, and the beginning of Ahoksa begins. With that, we have a theory about where Bridger is, and he might not be far.

‘Star Wars Ahsoka’ Could be Setting Up Ezra Bridger’s Redemption

The Rebels mural in 'Ahsoka'
Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars loves its stories of redemption and those that directly deal with good vs. evil. That is especially true regarding how Jedi and Sith coexist within the franchise. Well, coexist might be a stretch. One of the strangest and most mysterious new characters is Marrok, a new Inquisitor.

Most of the Inquisitorius have been wiped out at this point, so it’s odd that Ahsoka decided to introduce a brand-new one to the mix. Even stranger is this particular Inquisitor, who wields a complete set of black armor with a face covering. Though it might be obvious to say so, Star Wars might be pulling out one of its big redemption arcs by making the man in the armor, Ezra Bridger.

Marrok wielding his red lightsaber in the forest against Ahsoka Tano.
Credit: Lucasfilm

We wouldn’t say outright that Ezra Bridger would fall to the dark side, but he has been missing presumably for a few years. If Thrawn is his only companion, it would make sense that he could twist Ezra’s mind enough to get him to fall. That doesn’t mean that Thrawn has those types of capabilities, but he is a genius when it comes to warfare.

Ezra Bridger has long held anger for the death of his parents, and most Jedi who turn to the dark side also deal with significant loss in their lives. The dark side promises them unique power to save lost loved ones or simply be powerful enough not to let further loved ones perish.

Thrawn could have whispered enough of this into Ezra’s ears to make him start to believe this is true. He saved all his friends at the end of Rebels, but he has no idea where they are now. They could be in trouble, while Ezra is far off in the deepest reaches of space.

There could have been another agent of the dark side with them that fans don’t know about, leading to Ezra siding with the dark side.

Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren

Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren leaning on each other in 'Star Wars Rebels'
Credit: Lucasfilm

There is also Sabine Wren to think about. Sabine is finally back to being the Padawan of Ahsoka. The whole reason she agrees to help Ahsoka is the emergence of a star map that could potentially hold the location of Ezra Bridger. Sabine cares deeply for Ezra, and it’s the whole reason for her setting off on this adventure with Ahsoka.

Star Wars also loves to test its growing Padawans, and what bigger test would there be than having Sabine strike down or face a dark side, Ezra Bridger? That could be the big Season 1 reveal that completely changes the franchise moving forward. Sabine is now a Padawan continuing her training and emergence with the Force, but she has to rise above her anger and sadness when she finds out that Ezra is her biggest enemy.

Making Ezra Bridger an Inquisitor would undo all the heroics he achieved in Star War Rebels, but we wouldn’t put it past Star Wars wanting to change his heroism to something far more sinister.

The crux of the story for Ahsoka seems to be the search for Ezra Bridger, and it appears that the story might also pivot more to being about Sabine Wren. With The Mandalorian shifting from being about Din Djarin to Bo-Katan, Dave Filoni might be copying that format and making Ahsoka about the journey of master and apprentice.

Ahsoka will learn how to be a better teacher, considering Anakin turned to the dark side, and Sabine will learn the ways of the Jedi—also potentially becoming Force-sensitive. This could mean that Ahsoka and Sabine could be further tested when they realize that Ezrz is Marrok.

Ezra is also one of the most gifted Force users in the Star Wars universe, so if he fell to the dark side, he would be a horrifying opponent. One that could easily span two or three seasons worth of story.

Sabine Wren fighting Shin with Ezra's lightsaber.
Credit: Lucasfilm

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This is just a wild theory, but it could proven true. Ahsoka has only started, and we have weeks left of episodes. It will take some time to discover where Ezra is, but he might be the newest Inquisitor.

What do you think about Ezra Bridger potentially being an Inquisitor in Star Wars? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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