Sabine Wren Wields Ezra Bridger’s Lightsaber in New ‘Ahsoka’ Photos

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Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabine Wren in Ahsoka

Credit: Lucasfilm

With its August release date on the horizon, new details about Disney+’s live-action Ahsoka show are starting to roll out, giving fans a first glimpse at the upcoming series, including the live-action debut of a fan favorite Jedi’s lightsaber—though it may look slightly different.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in her own solo series
Credit: Lucasfilm

Now that we finally have an exact release date for Season 1 of Ahsoka, Lucasfilm is starting to release more promotional materials ahead of its August premiere on Disney+.

Starring Rosario Dawson as the eponymous hero, the series will see Ahsoka teaming up with old friends, including Star Wars Rebels’ Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) and Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), to take down a Galactic-level threat: the sinister Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) and his Imperial Remnant.

Watch the official teaser trailer for Ahsoka below:

While story specifics remain scarce, the show will follow Ahsoka and the remaining Ghost crew as they set out on a journey to find lost Jedi Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) after he disappeared with Thrawn in the Rebels finale.

Along the way, Ahsoka and her allies will come across a number of new enemies, including the mysterious orange-lightsaber wielding Force-user, Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson), and his apprentice, Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno).

ray stevenson Ahsoka star wars
Credit: Lucasfilm

In recently-released footage from the show, on top of an official release date, we also got a first look at Sabine’s scuffle with Shin Hati—where she’s seen using Ezra Bridger’s green-bladed lightsaber to fend off her foe.

How Did Sabine Get Ezra’s Lightsaber?

As fans of the animated Rebels series know, Ezra left his lightsaber in the hands of the Ghost crew’s trusty astromech droid, Chopper, before confronting Thrawn. As the Rebels escaped the Imperial facility on Lothal after blasting it to pieces, Chopper handed Sabine the weapon to use in the escape efforts.

Sabine holding Ezra's lightsaber
Credit: Lucasfilm

Since then, it seems like Sabine has held onto the weapon, as Ezra probably intended for the Mandalorian warrior to keep his weapon in his absence, knowing she was proficient with it. This isn’t the first time Sabine has fought with a lightsaber, after all—she was, at one point, the rightful owner of the Darksaber, and underwent training with Ezra and his master, Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.), to master its powers.

Sabine Wren Darksaber
Credit: Lucasfilm

Additionally, skills aside, Sabine and Ezra formed a tight bond in the latter seasons of Rebels, making it obvious why Ezra would entrust his most sacred weapon with Sabine over Hera, Zeb, or the other rebels.

First Glimpse at Sabine Wielding a Lightsaber

In the latest issue of Empire magazine, Bordizzo teased her character’s journey for this season, explaining that Sabine “feels an obligation” to find Ezra, and is “focused on the promise she made.”

Fans were given an exclusive first look at Ezra’s lightsaber in live-action in the spread, where it can be seen on her belt while she talks to Ahsoka. When looking closely, you can see that it’s a nearly identical duplicate of Ezra’s blade in Rebels, complete with its green Kyber Crystal and customized hilt. However, the emitter does look slightly different—which makes sense considering Sabine’s artistic background.

Sabine in 'Ahsoka'
Credit: Empire / Lucasfilm

Sabine was also briefly seen fighting with Shin Hati in the newly-released footage, which shows her holding her own against the mysterious Darksider. Clearly, Sabine has kept up practicing with Ezra’s lightsaber over the years, not allowing her skills to get rusty since the ending of Rebels.

sabine wren live-action
Credit: Lucasfilm

The clip of Sabine holding Ezra’s lightsaber was initially shown to attendees of this year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe back in April, and was only now made public. While it’s still unclear why Sabine is fighting Shin in what appears to be the World Between Worlds, it’s safe to assume that it’s something to do with Thrawn, who will stop at nothing to squash Ahsoka and the Rebellion once and for all.

Ahsoka arrives on Disney+ on August 23, 2023.

What do you think of Sabine wielding Ezra’s lightsaber in the new Ahsoka footage? Share your thoughts below.

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