Multi-Thousand Disney Offering Horror: Guests Abandoned, Starving, and Dehydrated

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Disney may be looking to get money from their Guests any way they can, including offering enticing discounts for what many would consider to be costly experiences. As of late, we have seen attendance drop at Walt Disney World, and with this drop has come financial incentives to get more guests to visit and spend more after prices have dramatically increased.

Disney World Annual Passholders of all tiers (Disney Pixie Dust Pass, Disney Pirate Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Incredi-Pass) recently were able to experience V.I.Passholder days when they received 30% off most merchandise, further food discounts, and a private Annual Passholder lounge which offered speciality food for purchase themed to Figment and nearly expired M&M’s.

Disney VIP Tour guide walking with family
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When the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser began having issues getting more Guests to pay the nearly $6000.00 price tag for the two-night voyage, Disney also started offering discounts. In fact, one of the discount offerings was given to DVC members at first before also expanding to Cast Members and other guests. The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will take its final voyage on September 28, 2023.

Recently, we shared that Disney is offering another incentive to Disney Vacation Club Members. Disney Vacation Club Members will be eligible for Membership to save 20% on a Disney VIP Tour at Walt Disney World Resort later this summer. Disney VIP Tours are fantastic ways to conquer the Disney Parks. It will allow you to not only have an incredibly knowledgeable Cast Member with you for the day but the ability to jump the line at any attraction you would like, go backstage, and travel between parks in a private shuttle. You can do (nearly) anything you want to do, at much faster speeds, including complimentary beverages and a snack!

disney vip tours galaxys edge attractions
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To get service this special, guests definitely have to shell out some big bucks for the tour. The cost of a VIP tour ranges from $450 USD to $900 USD per hour and has a 7-hour minimum and a 10-hour maximum. This means you can spend up to $9000 for the tour, and tickets are not included. On top of that, you should tip your VIP Tour guide, which can add hundreds more to that final cost.

Disney VIP Tour guide with a guest
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For a fee that high, a 20% discount could reduce the highest price point to $7,200, saving Guests $1,800. Now, don’t get us wrong, watching Happily Ever After from the hub grass at Magic Kingdom would be a dream, but it is a dream that many guests cannot afford.

Of course, even with a discount, a Disney VIP Tour is a costly venture, and one that should create the more elite feeling of visiting the Disney Parks. guests are made to be treated very well by their guide, almost like they have their personal fairy godmother with them at all times.

But is it worth the price?

family in front of cinderella castle on VIP tour disney world
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One guest recently purchased a tour and had a lot of negatives from the experience, which in the end, did not make it live up to the costly price tag. The guest took to Reddit to share their unfortunate yet costly experience. They began by saying, “The first ride the tour guide was great, and then after that it kind of went downhill. By the 3rd ride they stopped waiting in line with us on rides that they could skip out on.”

It should be noted that your guide will typically only come into the line with you if you have an uneven amount of guests so that they can ride with the guest who would ride alone.

The story continues, “So when we went on tower of terror our friend who doesn’t like heights or drops got nervous and wanted to skip out after the pre show room. Since our tour guide had left us at that point we had to ask how to get out of the queue. Once outside we started calling the number provided on the business card they gave us but they weren’t answering. Ultimately it took almost 20 mins for them to call us back, during that we just wondered around some stores and bought bottles of water since we had been at the parks several hours at that point and we were never offered any.”

Walt disney world resort vip tour
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In this case, the guide should have been waiting at the exit of the ride immediately, pending that these guests did go to that location, it is odd that it took 20 minutes to find them. 20 minutes is also precious time, when every minute adds up to hundreds of dollars spent. Water is free during a VIP Tour, and it should have been offered to the guests repeatedly while they passed any beverage kart.

The guest continued, “The tour guide also didn’t offer to hold any of our bags during rides or any of our merchandise bags which honestly kind of sucked going on rock n rollercoaster with merch bags when we saw other guides carrying their guest’s merchandise bags.” Like we said, your VIP Tour Guide is life a fairy godmother, you can have them hold your bags on rides, push your stroller all day if you have one, they are there to help make your experience as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, it seems that this group did not get a motivated guide for the day.

The day continued to get worse, “We ended up only being able to do two rides at animal kingdom, both they left the queue after the second scan point. We missed out on seeing the festival of the lion king show that had talked earlier in the day with the guide that we didn’t want to miss it but once there walking through the park we asked what time the next show was only to have them check on their phone and tell us we already missed the last show of the day.”

Tour Guide getting Guests at Resort
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If there are must-do’s, the VIP Tour Guide should ensure that they happen and plan for them if they do not know any better. Rides are always available; however, shows do run at certain times and need to be prioritized. The guest noted that while the walked around the EPCOT International Food and Wine offerings around the World Showcase, the guide left them alone. The guide should have typically stayed, helped carry their things, and should have provided complimentary water bottles as they went along. This is not something the guests can ask for without their guide present.

One snack should always be provided during a Disney VIP Tour, but it seems that was not the case here, either, “During Epcot fireworks we were never offered water or mickeys ice cream bars. And at the end of the night, we asked if we could be dropped off at the Polynesian instead of our resort we were told no even though we technically had 2 hours left on our tour when we decided to skip MK. They also wouldn’t bring us to our resort and ultimately through the Four Seasons app they sent us a car to take us to the Polynesian and then back to the hotel.”

Family walking with Tour Guide
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The guest concluded, “It bums me out seeing TikTok’s of people getting incredible experiences with tour guides and all the little things those tour guides did to go above and beyond for them. Our guide didn’t bother to once carry anything for us, pick up a single mobile order for us, we had to constantly ask for water. Throughout the day they also complained about being hot and tired. They never really engaged with us or talked to us. They more felt like the 7th wheel who skipped lines for us. For 10 hours, it was $7k; for that price I think we all expected more. I do want to experience it again but absolutely not with that tour guide.”

The comment section was filled with some Disney fans believing that this guest had unrealistic expectations, and others who have experienced VIP Tours in the past wondering if they booked the tour through Disney or if this was a third-party booking, as some of the things that were mentioned did not add up.

Disneyland VIP
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Personally, I have also done a VIP Tour and did not have the best time on it. It is great to skip lines and get water when needed, but our group’s request was to learn more history and facts, which guides know a lot about, and we did not get to learn anything. In the end, it feels like a glorified Disney Genie+, but with a way higher price tag.

What is a Disney VIP Tour?

Disney describes a VIP Tour as:

Explore the parks* with your own VIP Tour Guide during a customizable experience filled with attractive benefits.

The team at Disney VIP Tour Services will plan the most efficient, enjoyable way for groups up to 10 Guests to see and do the things on your list. Just tell your personal VIP Tour Guide what you’d like to see, and they’ll customize your day to your desire!

After being picked up from your Walt Disney World Resort accommodations in a private vehicle, enjoy unparalleled hospitality and experience some of your favorite attractions alongside a VIP Tour Guide.

Some of the personalized services include:

  • Pre-arrival planning
  • A flexible start time, picked by you
  • Visits to multiple theme parks* in one or more days
  • The ability to enjoy some of your favorite attractions efficiently
  • Shared insight from your highly knowledgeable VIP Tour Guide throughout your tour

What do you think? Were these expectations unreasonable on a Disney VIP Tour?

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