Massive Reveal Puts Disney Art and Architecture in the Spotlight

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Disney World castle with Mickey Mouse left and company logo right to showcase Disney architecture

Credit: Disney

Main Street U.S.A. is a common first thought for Disney architecture, but the art and design scene runs deep. As the Walt Disney World company celebrates its centennial, a spotlight is now shining on Walt Disney Imagineering and its most iconic buildings and artwork.

This fame comes with appreciation for other Disney design achievements, taking hold after a recent unearthing from Sanderson Design Group. It brought previously unseen drafts to light, shedding a light on traditional Disney.

Bambi and Mickey mouse on left, with Toile style Disney architecture and design drafts beside them
Credit: Sanderson Design Group / Disney

Walt Disney Architecture and Design: Toile and Other Styles

A recent report shows that the Sanderson Design Group, a long-time collaborator with Walt Disney World, revealed a veritable treasure trove of historic designs. One of the most prominent reveals was the Walt Disney Company’s take on the Toile style, also known as Toile de Jouy.

Disney architecture and design examples shown through Toile style images of Mickey mouse animations in soft designs
Credit: Disney / Sanderson Design Group

Traditionally, the approach that translates to fabric of Jouy, refers to the cotton (or linen) print designs that came out of the Joue-en-Josas factory near Versailles. It’s one of many potentially recyclable materials that fall under the Disney IP scope.

Needless to say, the Walt Disney Resort in Paris gets a lot of these visual benefits. While not contemporary art nor postmodern architecture, these animation icons are a tie to the past. It shows both the Parisian influences and the classic artistic style.

Disney Park - Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disneyland Paris

Remembering Architect Frank Gehry and Designer Michael Graves

Working tirelessly on pieces for everywhere from Animal Kingdom to the designs in any of the Walt Disney World Resort projects, architects are the scaffolding of Disney. They create the environment for the Disney experience, using design, structure, and a bit of magic.

Whether seeing Toile in Los Angeles at an art show or through the eyes of a Disney Imagineer, it’s a design that harkens to history, tradition, and nostalgia. While any Disney structure is an important building, people like Aldo Rossi and many a skilled landscape architect turn wood, cement, and nails into art.

Guests look on inside the Magic Kingdom besides the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue, Partners, at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

The combination of animation, the digital property of Disney, and the design in Disney theme parks is part of what makes Toile so special. You can see it through the work of the Sanderson Design Group, and in places like the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Every single important building has a story; what’s yours? Share in the comments below!

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